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White Water Rafting Trips for All Ages. Call Now or Request a Brochure! We're Here to Help You Plan Your Next Adventure in the Idaho River Take A Trip Down The Amazing Gauley River Or The New River And Choose To Go High Or Low! Create Lasting Memories With Your Family & Friends While You Immerse Yourself In The Wild Lower Salmon River Rafting. Soak up rich scenic wonder and history while splashing toward huge sandy camping beaches. The Lower Salmon River trip explores the final miles of the Salmon River before it joins the mighty Snake River on its way to the Columbia. On this section of river, the trip covers 53 miles on the Salmon River plus another 21.

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Minam Store Outfitters. Rafting, fly fishing, and chukar hunts on the Wallowa, Grande Ronde, Snake River through Hells Canyon, and the Lower Salmon River. We don't cut corners. Website: https://www.minamstore.com. Phone: (541) 437-1111 The Lower Salmon River from Vinegar Creek to the confluence with the Snake River features 112 miles of Class II-IV whitewater in one of the deepest canyons in the United States. Much of the 53 miles of the river, from White Bird downstream to the confluence of the Snake and Salmon Rivers, is roadless and accessible only by boat

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  1. Lower Salmon River Rafting. We are proud to offer this 3, 4, or 5 day long Lower Salmon River rafting trip through the Salmon River Canyons. This section of the Lower Salmon River comprises the final 72 miles of the longest free-flowing river contained in one state in the Lower 48
  2. g water, and beautiful landscapes that all play background to the ultimate Salmon River Canyon rafting adventure
  3. g. Lovely white sand beaches for camping with striking canyon scenery and wildlife. Warm sunny weather to enjoy all the hiking opportunities to historic homesteads and

Rafting the Lower Salmon with Children. The Lower section of the Salmon river is that portion that begins in Whitebird, ID and flows 72 miles downstream through the confluence with the Snake River and Oregon, all the way to just across the Washington border and the confluence with the Grande Ronde river just upstream of Clarkston, WA The Lower Salmon flows through four separate gorges—Green, Cougar, Snow Hole, and Blue canyons and is home to some of the biggest and most beautiful white sand beaches of any western river—perfect for water-based fun in the sun. This Idaho river rafting adventure offers exciting Class III whitewater and the full fleet of OARS river craft Salmon River Rafting - Lower Salmon Rafting Trip The Lower Salmon River, where the water is warm & the weather is sunny. If you are looking for a fun, family-friendly river trip featuring fun Class III whitewater and camping on huge white sand beaches, look no further than the Lower Salmon River Rafting Trip Main Salmon Rafting Trip The River of No Return boasts dense pine forests, granite mountains and abundant wildlife. Learn More » Idaho Lower Salmon 5 Day Rafting Trip Huge sandy camping beaches, rich history, beautiful waters and choices of oar boat, paddle and inflatable kayak. Learn More ».

Fishing the Lower Salmon River. Many species of cold and warm water fish live in the Salmon River, including rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, white sturgeon, steelhead, and salmon. Summer trips offer fly and spin casting for bass and trout, and catch and release fishing for white sturgeon. Learn more about fishing the Salmon River Canyons 4-Day Lower Salmon River Rafting & Camping Trip The Lower Salmon is an ideal setting for families with young kids, professional groups or anyone looking to get away for a few days. Our four-day trip through the Lower Gorges of Idaho's Salmon River offers plenty of sunshine, big splashy rapids, warm water and a camping experience second to none Because the Lower Salmon rafting trip is only four days and shuttle distance is less than the upstream sections of river, the total cost of the trip is less. For people from the northwest whose travel time to the area is moderate, this is an excellent short trip, without a major commitment of vacation time, and a good introduction to Idaho. Salmon River Rafting: 5 Day Lower Salmon » Uniquely equipped with a dedicated River Jester to entertain the children with nature hikes and fun activities, the Salmon River Canyons Family Magic trip, on the Lower Salmon, is the perfect family rafting trip for younger families. Soak up rich scenic wonder and history while splashing toward huge sandy camping beaches

The Salmon River boasts legendary crystal clear waters, spacious white sand beaches, and is the second deepest canyon gorge in North America. Perhaps more luring, however, is the fact that the Salmon River is the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states Go Rafting with A Commercial Outfitter on the Lower Salmon. Holiday River Expeditions has provided trips to the West's most spectacular places for over 45 years. They are committed to offering a balance of activity, natural history and excitement. Visit their website for more information about Salmon River Rafting The Lower Salmon River in Idaho meanders warm, wide and mellow, making it a great rafting getaway for families and first-time rafters. Idaho's Lower Salmon River is home to some of America's most beautiful inland river beaches, super-sandy and sprawling alongside clear, mellow pools which are perfect for stand up paddleboarding and playing.

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  1. Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Idaho's legendary Middle Fork of the Salmon River is an iconic whitewater rafting trip.Bounce along through more than 100 rapids over the 105-mile stretch of the Salmon River. The free-flowing river drops 3,000 feet through central Idaho's remote and spectacular River of No Return wilderness
  2. imum rental fee. $100 per day. *A delivery fee of $200 is added for rentals on the Salmon and Snake Rivers. *A pickup fee of $300 is added for rafts taken out at Pittsburg Landing on the Snake River. For information on renting additional equipment visit our Rental Rates page
  3. The Lower Salmon River trip begins and ends at the Hells Canyon Grand Hotel l in Lewiston, Idaho. You will need to make a reservation for the night before the trip and we advise staying at the hotel the night the trip concludes. Call 208-799-1000 to make your reservation
  4. A rafting trip down the Salmon River (aka 'The River of No Return') makes for a wonderful family vacation. It is best know for its big canyon, sandy beaches, and big water rapids. Most trips cover the 84 miles of wilderness in five or six days. Featured Outfitters ARTA River Trips (800) 323-2782 is a non-profit organization that runs 18 of the best rivers in the West
  5. The White Salmon Narrows (a.k.a 'Lower Lower' or 'Bottom') is a uniquely beautiful section of river known for it's Narrows below Steelhead Falls. This river was rarely run until Condit Dam was removed in 2011 providing passage and river flows for rafters, kayakers, and fish. The dam removal is one of the biggest and definitely the most spectacular in history and you should definitely watch.

The Lower Salmon River offers a 73 mile outdoor adventures experience, and plenty of white water. You will enjoy 53 Salmon River miles plus 20 miles on the Snake River. On the Salmon River, you will be guaranteed a large measure of solitude. It has four spectacularly colorful canyons and is the longest free flowing river in the lower 48 states The River of No Return. Idaho's Wild and Scenic Salmon River cuts through the heart of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, the largest wilderness in the lower 48 states. The most massive river in Idaho and one of the largest in North America, the Salmon wends its way through the second deepest canyon on the continent

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On Saturday August 18, my husband Chris and I joined 24 people at the Hammer Creek put in on the Lower Salmon for a six-night, seven-day adventure on the river headed by the OWA's very own Scott Ogren. The group was eager to hit the river early on Sunday morning because a fire on the Main Salmon had caused two other groups of 30 to share the put-in Mountain Buzz Since 2003 A forum community dedicated to whitewater kayaking, boating, and rafting enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about safety, routes, gear, models, styles, gear swaps, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more The Salmon River is the largest free flowing river in the lower 48 states giving it an abundance of pristine white sand beaches great for play and overall camp quality. This rafting trip boasts the warmest water, the fewest bugs and the biggest beaches. The Lower Gorge of the Salmon River is the second deepest canyon in N. America Put in is at Hammer Creek Recreation Site. Take out is Heller Bar. Trip Length is 73 miles. This is the final stretch of the Salmon River, the longest free flowing river in the lower 48 states. The final 20 miles of this trip is on the Snake River. BOOK YOUR VACATION NOW

Salmon River Media - Rafting Pictures. During you day on the river you will likely pass our photographer out on the river. When you see the Salmon River Media banner make sure you put on a big smile and hit the biggest waves. When your day is done you can purchase pictures at our store or at www.salmonriverraftingphotos.co Lower Salmon River, please. Of course. I find it refreshing when people are polite. That's not to say I'm surrounded by rude folks or anything, that's a rarity in the Wallowas or on the river. But get a load of this The Lower Gorge on the Salmon River is a scenic trip everyone should experience Your vacation begins with an evening pre-trip meeting the night before your launch. This meeting provides an opportunity to meet the rest of your group and your river guide and discuss the details of your trip The River of No Return is the longest free-flowing river contained within one state of America's lower 48 states. This river begins South of Stanley, Idaho, through the towns of Clayton, Challis and Salmon before heading West through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness 18 5. Idaho's Salmon River, the Grand Canyon of Idaho, is one of the longest free flowing rivers in the United States and cuts through a vast area of incredibly rugged Rocky Mountain wilderness - the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48. The canyon it creates is the second deepest on the continent and it has a timelessness and mountain.

3 Day Wild and Scenic Lower Salmon River. The Canyons raft trip is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. It is truly the ideal whitewater rafting trip for families, combining just the right amount of exciting whitewater, swimming, games and relaxing on the beaches. The Salmon River is the largest UN-dammed river in the lower 48. It all starts by rafting the White Salmon River Middle Gorge, our Hallmark for whitewater rafters, the most popular ride on the White Salmon River and the one that Grandpa Phil Zoller pioneered in the early 80's. Then we add an additional 50% more rafting taking you through the Lower Gorge which is newly opened with the removal of Condit Dam

Whitewater rafting on Idaho's famed and scenic Lower Salmon River in late summer 2020 treats you to a week of fiercely-fun rapids and sleepy flat water, relaxing days of paddling through canyons, capped by delicious hot meals, stories of the day by campfire, warm camaraderie and laughter, and the best night's sleep you've ever had Hit the road and explore the Gorges Of The Lower Salmon River on a whitewater rafting trip with O.A.R.S.https://www.oars.com/adventures/gorges-of-the-lower-s.. A group of 6 people floating one of the United States' most beautiful rivers. It was a pleasure being able to go on the trip and get to know a place. We had.

Since 1972, outfitting multi-day rafting adventures on the River of No Return. Lower Salmon and the Main Salmon Rivers. 4, 5 & 6 days trips June through Sept. Beginner to Expert level. We offer paddle rafts, inflatable kayaks and SUP's. High adventure, Family rafting, Women's trips & Private custom charters. ARTA arta.org 800-323-278 White Salmon River Rafting. Rafting the White Salmon River is one of the best-kept recreation secrets of the Pacific Northwest! You may have seen photos or video of Husum Falls, the 14-foot commercially-run waterfall, or heard stories of incredible adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting and we could not agree more Central Idaho River Rafters! Looking for a River Shuttle Service provider in Idaho? Call Central Idaho River Shuttles to arrange and reserve your dependable, courteous car transport service. We'll shuttle your vehicle(s) from Lower Salmon River Shuttle Route from put in location at Hammer Creek near White Bird Idaho to your take out at Heller Bar North of Asotin, WA Salmon River Whitewater Rafting. Located in the middle of Idaho, the Salmon River runs 425 miles from the deep wilderness of Idaho to the confluence with the Snake River. The Salmon River is the largest undammed river in the lower 48 states. It is known as The River of No Return, named when early explorers could navigate the river.

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  1. Covers the Snake River through Hells Canyon to Heller Bar and the Lower Salmon River from Hammer Creek to its confluence with the Snake. Spiral-bound format with full-color topographical maps on the right side and complete text descriptions on the facing page
  2. Rafting Family Adventures on Salmon River. A Salmon River run has something for everyone, including berry picking, cave exploration, campfire singing, pedicures, and even pedicures.White-water rafting family adventures on the Lower Salmon River was as much about family fun as it was running rapids
  3. PROVIDING TOP QUALITY DRIFT BOAT FLY FISHING AND WHITEWATER RAFTING RIVER EXCURSIONS AROUND THE NORTHWEST SINCE 1925. We operate on the Middle Fork Salmon River and Main Salmon River in idaho along with the Wild & Scenic Rogue River, McKenzie River and Owyhee River in Oregon.Let us take care of your every need as you truly relax and enjoy yourself on one of the Pacific Northwest's premier rivers
  4. The most common is the International Scale of River Difficulty, with its Class I-VI ratings. The other is a Class 1-10 system used on some western U.S. rivers, most commonly on the Grand Canyon stretch of the Colorado River. The 1-10 system roughly equates to Classes I-V on the International Scale, with 1-2 somewhat equivalent to Class I, 3-4.
  5. The Salmon River originates in the Sawtooth and Lemhi Valleys of central and eastern Idaho. Springs and snowmelt feed this wild river as it makes its way through the second-deepest gorge on the continent; only Hells Canyon on the Snake River is deeper. The Salmon's granite-walled canyon is over 1,000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon

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5-6 Day Middle Fork of the Salmon River. If the Middle Fork of the Salmon River isn't already on your river rafting bucket list, it should be. Flowing for 100 miles through the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48, the clear water of the Middle Fork rolls and splashes over more than 300 Class I-IV rapids Enjoy Breathtaking Vistas On This Unforgettable River Voyage. Call Us Today Lower Salmon information Lower Salmon information The Lower Salmon is an absolutely incredible river trip and one of the last 3 or 4 good PNW multi-day river trips one can do without having to go through a lottery Lower Salmon River The Lower Salmon River is a 4-5 day trip of up to 74 miles. A highlight of this trip is camping on the beautiful white sand beaches and swimming in the 70 degree water. Fun class 3 rapids and relaxing flatwater stretches make this a great family river trip

Now on the Lower Salmon River a family of 4 can save over $900 on a 4-day whitewater rafting adventure; all kids 18 and under float for 50% off. This stretch of the Salmon is great for all ages 5 years and up. There is excitement and relaxation for everyone. We provide the safety and comfort your family needs to travel in Idaho's backcountry The Salmon is the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states, and the route takes you through the two deepest river gorges in North America, traversing parts of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. From the launch site near Whitebird, Idaho, wind your way through the rugged Salmon River Gorge to join the Snake River in Hell's Canyon The Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Whatever time of year you decide to come, a Middle Fork of the Salmon River rafting trip is an unparalleled wilderness rafting experience. Historic sites, including Native American petroglyphs and more recent mining and homesteading ruins, offer a captivating glimpse into the Middle Fork's past The Lower Salmon River Boating Guide includes maps and information about the Salmon River from Vinegar Creek to the confluence with the Snake River and the Snake River from the confluence to Heller Bar below the confluence with the Grande Ronde River. Full-spread, detailed color maps provide mile-by-mile information Low Water Considerations for the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Here is some general advice about running low water trips (below 2.2 feet) on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Consider flying all of your people and equipment into Indian Creek to avoid the most difficult sections at low water. If you do launch from Boundary Creek pack light.

Gulkana River Raft Rentals is your best option when rafting the Gulkana River. Whether you are looking for a multi-day wilderness trip into the upper Gulkana or just a full day of spectacular King or Red Salmon fishing on the lower sections of the Gulkana, we are Go-to outfitter. We provide · 13 & 14 foot Raft Package Since 1974, American River Raft Rentals Inc. has become the largest and most experienced rafting company in California offering self-guided raft trips on the lower American River. This class I-II river flows through the scenic American River Parkway. With all of the parkway's natural beauty you would never guess you were just a few miles east. Turn left onto Route 408 and follow it into the village. Turn right onto Route 36 North. After crossing the river, watch for Letchworth State Park sign. The park entrance will be on the left side of the road. Follow the rafting signs to our office, we're across from the Lower Falls Restaurant

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  1. Join us on a 4 day trip of a lifetime through the lower portion of the Salmon River known as the Canyons. This rafting adventure is quite possibly the best family vacation available today. As the longest free-flowing river contained within 1 state in the lower 48 United States, the Salmon River is arguably one of the most beautiful rivers in.
  2. This whitewater rafting trip goes along the lower Salmon River, which is the most epic part of the river. This section is entirely roadless, so the only way out of the canyon is either with a jet boat or a raft. You will experience the ultimate combination of adventure and relaxation
  3. White water rafting in Idaho! We provide Payette River rafting trips for all levels located less than 1 hour from Boise, Idaho. Since 1985 our family has been sharing Idaho river rafting trips on the Payette River
  4. River Adventures offers Hells Canyon Jet Back Service On the Snake River in Hells Canyon, and also for rafting groups floating the Lower Salmon. +1 (800) 524-9710 [email protected] Faceboo
  5. Lower Salmon River Rafting - Multi-Day Welcome to an atmosphere unplugged from technology and bursting with beauty. The big, beautiful, white sandy beaches will have you wondering why you don't do this multi-day trip every summer
  6. Adventure Idaho's founder and President Alan Davis has been rafting down the Salmon River since he was a 14-year-old boy. He has completed hundreds of trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon, the Main Salmon, the Lower Salmon Canyons, and hundreds of various day trips
  7. Hughes River Expeditions has been outfitting world-class river rafting and fly fishing vacations on rivers in the West since 1976. You will find us on some of the West's most spectacular whitewater rivers: Idaho's famous Middle Fork of the Salmon, Main Salmon -River of No Return & Salmon River Canyons, as well as the amazing Selway River

Mile 7.39 - Northwest Park Put-In: 45.77985, -121.51662 River Right. The Lower Lower White Salmon begins at Northwest Park.This is a cool stretch, as it takes you through the old site of the Condit Dam, which was removed in 2011. It's mostly intermediate, but there is one Class V with an easy portage The California Salmon River is one of the Northwest's premier class 4 / 5 spring river rafting runs. This challenging and beautiful river offers class V whitewater rafting, plunging through a narrow steep-walled gorge of glistening marble and granite. The California Salmon flows out of the Marble Mountain and Salmon-Trinity Wilderness Areas. Salmon River rafting trips typically float 10 to 15 miles over 5 to 6 hours with multiple stops to visit old homesteads and pictograph sites, scout rapids, dip in a hot spring, and partake in a riverside lunch. You can rotate rafts at stops so everyone has the opportunity to paddle or relax Lower Salmon Falls Bridge Take-out: From Coloma, go north on Highway 49 about eight miles. At the top of a grade, just before the town of Pilot Hill, turn left on Salmon Falls Road and left again. You're still on Salmon falls Road, which winds about seven miles down to the bridge Salmon River Rafting - Maps Book Now Click maps to enlarge Trip Highlights Our largest river in terms of flow, which means big, fun waves! Our sunniest

Idaho river rafting fun white water raft trips on the Salmon River and Snake River 1 to 6 day rafting in Riggins Idaho. Family adventure vacations with Idaho's premier wilderness outfitter, Mountain River Outfitters WHITE SALMON RIVER RAFTING NEAR PORTLAND, OR. The White Salmon River made history with the removal of the nearly century-old Condit Dam in October 2011, but you will remember it for the non-stop whitewater action through a Wild and Scenic designated section in the Columbia River Gorge The White Salmon River and canyon is visually stunning. The entire White Salmon valley is a flow of lava. We've got lava tubes, caves everywhere and the bed of the White Salmon River was once a huge, long lava tube. The roof of the tube has collapsed and the river runs through it. At our private launch point there is a 104ft cliff, almost.

Crest more than 100 unforgettable rapids in 100 miles on this rafting adventure down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Get ready for a deluxe camping and boating experience, guided by Idaho's strongest rafters. Relax on an oar boat, get wet with a team of paddlers, or captain your own vessel on an inflatable kayak. Choose a new activity every day! Days are filled with relaxing in natural. - Middle Fork of the Salmon trip We have taken fly fishing trips in various places throughout the world. Our trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Helfrich River Outfitters was truly a world-class experience. Each day of the float provided new topography, flora, fauna, as well as action packed fishing for gorgeous native trout Three Rivers Rafting is located in Lowell, Idaho, at the confluence of the Lochsa, Selway, and Clearwater Rivers. We offer guided whitewater rafting in some of Idaho's mot pristine wilderness! Lower Salmon River Gauge @ White Bird.

Salmon River country is a land of superlatives. The river's canyon is one of the deepest in North America; it is 6,000 feet from the river to the tallest bordering peaks. Originating as a rivulet in the southern Sawtooth Valley, the Salmon River quickly becomes big water and one of the major rivers of the intermountain West Wet Planet says the lower river is still evolving it hopes to offer commercial rafting trips next spring. Amelia Templeton Huffman steadies two rafts he's towing empty through Steelhead Falls, the. Idaho Salmon - Rafting the River of No Return. 6 days | Mid June - Mid September | Class III / IV | Gateway: Boise, Idaho (BOI) A journey through the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states on a river with a timelessness and mountain grandeur that is matched by few. It is a multi-sport trip of a lifetime that combines a perfect beach.

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Hells Canyon Launch : 541-785-3395 ~ Snake River Administrative Office 509-758-0616. Photo Gallery. Camp, RV, and Explore Outdoors. Recreation.gov is your gateway to explore America's outdoor and cultural destinations in your zip code and across the country Fauna on the Salmon. Throughout your multi-day whitewater rafting trip down the Salmon River, you will encounter a variety of animals. On the Middle Fork of the Salmon, you are likely to encounter a larger game selection which includes bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, mountain goats, black bears, and moose The canyon scenery of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is truly breathtaking.Rafting on the Middle Fork Salmon River On this 100-mile stretch of the Frank Church Wilderness, we float through the heart of the largest wilderness area in the continental United States and drop 3,000 feet in elevation Outfitters offer rafting trips of all kinds for all ages and abilities. Families enjoy fun excursions on rivers such as the Main Salmon, the North Fork and Main Payette Moyie, and the St. Joe. Sightseers like quiet flat-water floats on rivers such as the Clearwater, the Boise River and the Snake in the Snake River Birds of Prey Area

Colorado River Westwater Canyon. 2 or 3 days, May - Sept from $545. Colorado River Rafting Through Cataract Canyon. 5 or 6 days, May - October | from $1,250. Yampa River Rafting. 4 or 5 days, Mid-May - Mid-June | from $1,075. Green River Through the Gates of Lodore. 4 or 5 days, May - September | from $1,075. San Juan River Rafting A Kern River Use Permit is required year round for each craft (kayak, raft, etc). These are free of charge. Learn more here. Salmon Falls. Upper and Lower Salmon Falls are non-navigable Class VI rapids. If you are running Chamise Gorge then you must make the takeout just above Upper Salmon Falls White Bird Idaho is big on Western hospitality and family destination on the Salmon River with easy access to Hells Canyon, Snake River, Pittsburg Landing Marina, and roads leading into the Nez Perce National Forest. White Bird boasts excellent outdoor recreation along with a splash of history and culture as well as family adventures, locally-owned lodging and camping accommodations, and high. This remote tributary to the Rogue River is a whitewater gem. It requires a self issue permit available through the Selma market. The river is ideal for experienced boaters capable of running technical rapids. Lower Salmon River, Idaho. Self issue permits are required for all floating below Hammer Creek The Beta: The Salmon River boasts more options for trip length and more diverse scenery and wildlife than any other river in America as it cuts through the middle of the largest contiguous, roadless wilderness in the lower 48 states. The Middle Fork is a five- to six-day adventure that starts on a rushing alpine river and ends in a majestic.

Located in Stanley right at the put-in to the river, White Otter Outdoor Adventures specializes in rafting trips on the Sunbeam Stretch of the Upper Salmon. Half-day trips can be done on paddle rafts, oar boats, or inflatable kayak and are at 9:30am and 2pm daily May through October (or at a custom launch time for a slightly higher price) OARS Rafting Vacations on the Lower Salmon River are our best family whitewater trip. Idaho's Lower Salmon is appropriate for everyone: children as young as 7 and all adults. You can paddle your own boat through the spectacular canyons and relax on large sandy beaches. Don't forget about feasting on our amazing river cuisine

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