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http://www.RoadTestTV.com 1/4 mile drag race between two rare GTO's. The white GTO is a Ram Air III GTO Judge powered by a 366 horsepower 400 cubic engine.. This is a short video with some of the best clips from my other GTO videos. If you want more details about the car, it's construction and evolution, check o..

Wallace Racing-Drag Racing Pontiac powered Firebirds,Trans Ams and Dragsters. Our family eats, breathes, and of course races PONTIACS! Johnta1 races a 1970 Formula Firebird with a 455SD and Turbo 400.Johnta1 also races a Pontiac powered dragster that has a 455 Pontiac with Ram Air IV heads and a powerglide. Julsta1 races a 1970 Trans Am with. WHO WINS? - 455 HO GTO vs RAM AIR Firebird 400 ?? Please HIT Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNa6darq0bmZ6kLtsliiWiA?sub_confirmation=1http://www.. FEATURED PONTIAC ENGINE. BUTLER PERFORMANCE introduces the ULTIMATE PONTIAC STREET ENGINE !! 700+ HP and 700 ft.lbs. Torque - PUMP GAS AND HYD. ROLLER CAMSHAFT !! Butler Performance 535 cu.in. engine w/ IAII Block and our CNC Race Ported Edelbrock Heads ( std. port version ) In formula form: TORQUE = VE x CID . Therefore. even though the maximum torque on a 455 occurs at a lower rpm, the 455's torque is 13.7% greater (455-400 x 100)/400 than the 400's torque. We also know that horsepower is torque times rpm. Peak horsepower for this VE curve occurs at 2800 fpm MPS where VE = 0.85 Whether your setup is pure stock, street/strip or all out race, we are here to help you meet your performance goals. We carry a wide assortment of traditional Pontiac performance parts from some of the best parts suppliers in the Pontiac community. We are also a Pontiac parts manufacture with 3 in-house CNC milling centers

Canton Pontiac Road Race/Drag Race Oil Pan CAN-15-452 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Canton Road Race / Drag Race Oil Pan 6.5-7 quart with built in baffle and trap doors for excellent oil control (some slight modifications may be required to be used in 67-69 FB) Requires 15-401 picku Butler Performance Pontiac 4.210/4.250 stroke Crankshaft Oil Scraper TPR-2100 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Pontiac 4.21/4.25 stroke Crankshaft Oil Scrape 1965 Pontiac GTO Royal Bobcat 389 Tripower vs 1968 Hurst Olds 455 (Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race)The first car is a 1965 Pontiac GTO (Royal Bobcat!!) with. A stock Pontiac starter is designed to turn over a production-type Pontiac V-8 that operates on pump gas and uses original equipment. Significantly increasing the compression ratio, such as that required for competition engines, raises the amount of cylinder pressure the starter must work against when attempting to fire the engine

Suggested Rear Axle Ratio: 3.08 to 3.55:1, depending upon the type of driving planned, or 3.90:1 for drag strip performance. Projected Output. Estimated Horsepower: 350 to 390. Estimated Torque: 425 to 450 ft-lbs Modified 455 4-Barrel . Modified 455 4-Barrel. Short Block . Block Casting: Any 455 Justin had a horrific crash in his 1972 Pontiac LeMans drag car during a drag race. As you can see from the pictures, the original Crow was no more. To everyones surprise, the Butler Performance twin turbo 2500 hp engine survived the crash. The drivetrain was extracted and transplanted into his newest creation, a new lighter ride named Crowmod

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Custom-Ported Pontiac Cylinder Heads: At Nitemare Performance, we only build and modify pure Pontiacs with traditional Pontiac engines — the legendary 326-455 cubic inch V8s produced from 1964 through 1980. You will never see corporate (i.e., Chevy) or LS-series engines in our shop. We have a massive inventory of production Pontiac heads to suit all your restoration and drag racing needs fastest Pontaics ever is committed to providing accurate and unbiased reporting of the quickest and fastest Pontiac race cars on the planet! We have an extreme passion for anything traditional Pontiac, most especially FAST Pontiacs. The fastest Pontiacs ever list represents the pinnacle of traditional Pontiac performance 1977 Pontiac Firebird Drag Car This race ready car is ready to run in the low 10's as it sits, or can be made to run in the 11's with a pulley change. A little development and this car will produce 9's! $12,500 USD SPEC SHEET - PHOTOS. 1978 Pontiac Firebird Roller 1978 Firebird. Car has a Rollbar and all Auto-Meter Gauges(rpm, water temp. and oil)

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Pontiac 400 to 455ci Street Crate Engines Bill Cannon, owner operator engine builder started with his very first car, a 1965 GTO 428 4 Speed in 1975. It has since been upgraded by Warren Frank of ARC Race Cars in New Oxford PA 860 HP Race Engine. This 494 makes 860 hp at 6900 rpm and 686 ft lbs of torque with the following components: 380 cfm KRE High Port heads (standard pushrod location), Dual 750 carbs on top of a KRE sheet metal intake, (820 hp with single 1250 Dominator carb and Victor intake), Moroso pan, TIP complete Evac system with Moroso 4 vane pump, Total Seal rings, FM bearings, GRP rods, TIP gaskets. Narrowed down from a 16 car field, four drag racing Pontiac race cars make the cut in our ongoing drag race series named the Pontiac Pavement Pounders Shootout - High Performance Pontiac Magazin

When is comes to tradional Pontiac V8 engines, we manufacture the highest performing parts around. We specialize in making and putting together certain combinations of engines and engine parts that get the utmost power for every dollar spent. If that's a heads up race engine or your standard street rebuild, we take it to the max Street/Strip Solid Roller Cam - Pontiac V8 290/290. SKU 40510515. $377.77. Shop Now. Wish List Compare. Drag Race Solid Roller Cam - Pontiac V8 314/318. SKU 40510908. $377.77 For Sale is a ready to go Top Sportsman Drag car. No expense spared. Great Machine. • 2002 Pontiac Firebird • Bickel kit done by TNT race car (Bickel Body) • TNT Full Tube Chassis- Certified to 6.0 seconds • 706 Cubic Inch Location: Flint City, AL 48346. $95,000.00 Bearings. All bearing are available in STD, .010, .020, .030 under sized. 421-455 Main Bearings - 4221 DCI 400-455 is DCI's most popular crate engine. Featuring a Pontiac 400 cubic inch block stroked to 455 cubic inches, this authentic Pontiac stroker is perfect for street and strip use. The 400-455 is pump gas friendly for the mild daily driver. Based on production block and heads, this combination provides plenty of power with quality bottom end components to allow for endless upgrades

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The Pontiac 455 Super Duty is one of the greatest engines that Detroit ever produced. It was a victim of the era in which it was born and had the thing come along a few years earlier there's no telling how bad ass it would have been by the end. They were only produced by the company for a few years and in very small numbers Indeed, the short-block is something you'd see in the pits at any Pontiac drag race anywhere in the country. A '75 455 two-bolt block was pressed into service. With a 4.22-inch bore and a 4.25. High Performance Pontiac Parts. 850 Horsepower: 900 Horsepower: 505-510 cid makes 850hp and 710tq from a K&M MR-1 block, Ohio forged crank, Ross pistons, Total Seal rings, GRP alum. rods, CNC'd 380 cfm Alum. KRE High Ports, Northwind Intake, 1250 cfm carb, Comp solid roller cam, TIP gaskets and MSD Dist Pontiac made closed chambered heads until 1967. In 1967 Pontiac made some open chamber heads(i.e. 061).After 1967 the heads were open chamber heads Duncan Michael was Wangers' engine builder and ultimately built a destroked 455 with Edelbrock heads. A dual stage NOS system helped propel the car into the mid-9s at 150 mph. In addition to it's street racing history, Wangers would bring the car to Pontiac Drag Days at LACR (the pic is attached) as well as other events in the West


550 Horsepower: 575 Horsepower: 461-467 cid makes 550hp and 590tq from a stock 400 block, 4.25 Eagle crank, KB pistons, Total Seal rings, Eagle rods, CNC'd 310 cfm KRE Alum. D-ports, RPM Intake, 950 cfm Prosystems carb, Comp hyd roller cam, TIP gaskets and MSD Dist. 461-467 cid makes 575hp and 600tq from a stock 400 block, 4.25 Ohio crank, KB pistons, Total Seal rings, Eagle rods, Std. KRE Alum 1. Water pump NAPA pump part #: DPW1301280 2. New Sleeve assembly. Can still be ordered through GM Part # 9796347 3. Spacer plate clearence mod Try to get the clearence as close as possible. .025 or under. Here is a pic of a cast impeller: Here is a pic of a stamped impeller: I took the pump & put it upside down on the bench (obviously you. Including a 455 Pontiac. No other Pontiac specialist engine builder has achieved my professionally recorded accomplishments. To date B.F. has laid down the quickest NHRA Super Stock pure Pontiac powered pass in history. We're the only Pontiac engine builders with proven incredible results - street and strip. Another super AutoImagery.com picture

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Being that we are an exclusive Pontiac engine builder, we know what it takes to make reliable pump gas power in our Pontiacs. Below are just some of the pump gas builds we have done over the years. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please drop us an email. 461 cid pump gas combo 545 Hp 574 ft lbs of Torque - Mike Roxbury Pontiac Heaven. 23,243 likes · 94 talking about this. Home of- Pontiac Heaven events- drags, shows and more. parts cars, hundreds of them 1955-1981, race cars including Pontiac Heaven Special..

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  1. Butler LS and Butler Pontiac are part of Butler Performance. BP builds high tech engines and performance parts for later model muscle cars as well covering all your performance needs for Pontiac and LS engines. Butler Performance is your source for high performance Pontiac parts, engine kits, balanced rotating assemblies, short blocks, and complete engines for any application
  2. Back in the 70s, Pontiac was reigning over the muscle car world. At that time, there was a shift to offering more economical models, and Pontiac surprised everyone by debuting its whole new, rip-roaring exhibit called Firebird Trans Am 455 Super Duty. It was also very much a racing car that tucked a 7.5-liter V8 engine
  3. 4628 Theiss Rd. St. Louis MO. 63128. Hello, Frank & Bob (AllPontiac), Just wanted to send you my personal thanks for your help. and assistance, for my 505 IA (2) and the Tiger heads, which once put together became an awesome combination and more than I expected. I definitely have my hands full
  4. Number Six: Buick GSX 455 Stage 1. The Buick GSX 455 Stage 1 has recently been recognized as one of the great muscle car engines of the 1960s and early 1970s and is enjoying a revival of sorts. Back in the day, despite strong dragstrip performances, it was overlooked because of its lowish published horsepower of 360 hp at 5000 rpm
  5. But it landed on the map by sponsoring and preparing local drag racing Pontiacs with the help of Pontiac's marketing guru, Jim Wangers. When Pontiac started racing and building performance machines on a bigger scale in the early 60's, Royal Pontiac helped prepare and test the cars. However, the popularity of Royal Pontiac exploded with the GTO

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Adv. duration 278/289 .050 duration 221/229 Lobe sep. 112 .455/.470 lift w/1.5 rocker Crower 60919 (304H) Beast Cam $ 165.0 Old drag cars are usually found in condition like this, with the upgraded drivetrain long gone and most of the desirable parts stripped off. The Ventura is the individual's choice, as we don't see those nearly as often as its sibling the Nova, and you can always spot the Pontiac version from a mile away with those tiny slits for taillights

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Oct 19, 2016 - This board is dedicated to GTO drag race cars. See more ideas about gto, drag racing, drag racing cars Drag racing had become popular as well, prompting additional resources and new thinking to be applied to winning on 1/4-mile tracks around the country. The Pontiac Catalina was the least expensive and lightest of the full-sized coupes, following its downsizing in 1961 You canfind it by searching - 1962 Grand Prix Packer Pontiac Nostalgia Drag Car. Posted by chevycentral. So with that said let's have an auction. Up for auction is a very clean, straight. 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix with Race Built 455, 8 Lugs and Trophy Trac Differential Most Orders Shipped Same Day! One-Piece Pan Gaskets, one and two piece Rear Main Seals, Carbon gears & Alternator Bracket Kits in Pontiac, Olds & Buick Engine Accessories. 8 & 11 Bolt Timing Covers, Plates, Oil Pans & Misc Engine Hardware. in Pontiac Factory Replacement Parts. Steel Core Valve Cover Gaskets, Valve Covers, H2O Outlets etc Dec 23, 2017 - MISSING: Only known fully functioning Pontiac Duel Overhead Cam V8 engine. Presented to Mac and installed in his GP. Later to be removed for reasons unknown and whereabouts of this rare power-plant also unknown. If you ever see this you will know what it is and hopefully it finds it's way home

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For a long time in the '60s and '70s, cars equipped with Pontiac performance engines were hard to beat. No, it's not the small block Chevy, it's an entirely different engine, although development started around the same time. The Pontiac 400ci engine arrived in '67, followed in 1970 by the Pontiac 455 crate engine Hedman Hedders & Trans-Dapt Performance Products are two of the hot rod industries original manufacturers, dating way back to 1954. Known primarily for exhaust headers, engine mounts, carburetor spacers and adapters, and chrome and aluminum customizing accessories, these two pioneering companies have 1000's of components to help your GM, Ford or MOPAR car or truck run stronger and look cooler 541ci 900 Hp Pontiac Bracket Race Engine. 547ci 900 Hp Pontiac Bracket Race Engine Pontiac Power: MR1 Block • 430 CFM CNC Ported Heads • Naturally Aspirated Engine $19,975.00 10.230″ Deck | 4.400″ Bore | 4.500″ Stroke | 6.700″ Rods | 900 Hp @6800 rpm Components OPTIONS MR1A Aluminum Race Block, Bronze Lifter Bore and Special Head Stud Kit + $2575.00 578ci [ Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jul 1982 Super Stock & Drag Illustrated NHRA Racing Pontiac Issue Pulde Trans-Am at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products This month we bring you another action-packed round of Pontiac versus Pontiac drag racing. Let's meet the racers. Steve Hawkey of Elida, Ohio, is a rotary pressman, but watch him really put the.

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1968 Pontiac Firebird. Gateway Classic Cars Houston showroom is excited to announce this Sunburst Orange 1968 Pontiac Firebird race car for sale. This is a true beast: sporting a 565 CID Reher-Morrison V8 with 1000HP normally aspirated horsepower, plus a 600HP Nitrous fogger system, you'll be ready for some ridiculously low E.T. timeslips Pontiac Head Gaskets - FelPro 1016. FelPro Pontiac Head Gaskets. I am building a 455 (as mentioned in previous posts) and ordered a new FelPro 1016 Head Gasket to match the one I already have. Only problem - it doesn't match. One is black, the other is blue, yet they are made by the same mfg, with the same part number Check Out This 455-Swapped 1980 Pontiac Trans Am! Pontiac Drag Racer February 19, 2018 at 5:38 am. It may be a 455, but that is a Buick V-8 engine. Not sure how they accomplished that since no F body came with one 40510911 Lunati Drag Race Solid Roller Camshaft Pontiac V8 This 1955-1981 Pontiac V8 cam is good for Super Stock racing with 455 c.i. inch motors. Needs 4500- 5000 RPM stall converter, headers, 11.5:1+ compression ratio, and 4.56+ gearing. Rough idle • •. Pontiac's success in stock car racing led them to branch out into drag racing in an effort to capture more of the West Coast market. It was these programs that resulted in the creation of the Super Duty packages for the Catalina. In 1961, Pontiac rolled out a lower, trimmer look and the company managed a podium sweep at the Daytona 500

2) Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Eastern Publishing Co., January 1972: “Building 455 Pontiac’s†pages 28-31, 77-78 3) The Observer & Eccentric News Papers, Sunday, February 17, 2002, “The Legend of Blackbird†In This Article. Most people remember Jim Wangers for his marketing exploits during the heyday of Pontiac muscle, from drag-racing the full-size Wide-Trackers to his role in bringing the GTO to market to sneaking not-quite-stock engines into media demonstration vehicles and more. His autobiography, Glory Days, goes into the stories and details. I am the drag event organizer for the Annual Pontiac Challenge Drag Event held at Rolling Thunder Drag Strip in Pacific Junction, Iowa at Mid America Motorplex. This year (2008) we are looking for an exhibition Pontiac drag racer and car. This car has to be fast, and a crowd pleaser Many Pontiac drag racers ordered the 1963 421 Super Duty Pontiac Catalinas with the T-85 HD syncromesh 3-speed transmission. One trick the early racers used in the 1960s that were using the weak and troublesome 1957-1963 B-W T-10, was to grind a bevel (clearance) on the reverse idler gear teeth which provided more clearance between ithe idler.


Description. THIS 1000 HP PUMP GAS STREET ENGINE IS DESIGNED TO OPERATE ON 93 OCTANE PUMP GAS, We also offer *** Cross Country Endurance Application version which makes an impressive 925 HP @ 6500 RPM. SONNY'S HAS AN EFI VERSION ALSO, CALL FOR PRICING. Complete and Dyno Tested Most muscle car enthusiasts know that the horsepower ratings of the engines were deliberately set lower than what they actually made. Usually for insurance reasons and so the cars could run in a more favorable class in drag races. Noted auto journalist Roger Huntington wrote an article about what these engines actually put out; here is the list: (All are gross hp & torque figures. Videa Nejoblíbenější Videí; Obecná sekce: Pontiac burnout. burnout, pontiac, racing, drag, race, cars, mustang, camaro, turbo, exhaust, street, ford, muscle. HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC drag tested a known 100% production line stock 1973 SD455 back in the 2007-2008 timeframe. That car ran upper 14s @ 98 MPH, though it id have a recurved distributor, K&N air filter element and was fitted with wider than stock modern rubber at the back

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pontiac drag race roller cam w/# XXXXX#7 swap in fireing order ----- has anyone tried a roller cam w/# XXXXX#7 swap in firein read more. Dave. Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. 10 satisfied customers is a Pontiac 455 engine the same as a Buick 455 ZX14 Race bike only,no registration. Ready to race and easy to ride. Bike has gone 9.33 and 146.99mph in the 1/4 mile and 5.93 @ 122 in the 1/8th mile with 240 lb rider. Catalyst Composites body work, Power Commander 3 that has a Brocks Performance map to match exhaust. MPS air shifter with Dyna Shift Minder, Brocks clutch kit and MPS kill switch 1962 Grand Prix Nostalgia Packer Pontiac Drag Race Car 389 ci 4 Speed 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix with Race Built 455, 8 Lugs and Trophy Trac Differential US $42,000.0 1974 Pontiac Trans Am 455 SD Could Go For More Than $100k. The particular car being auctioned off was originally purchased by John Woolfe Racing in England as a promotional car and has just 72,896. 1962 Grand Prix Nostalgia Packer Pontiac Drag Race Car 389 ci 4 Speed. 1962. 389. 94,225. 4 Speed Manual. Waukegan, Illinois, United States. View. 1978 Pontiac Trans Am 455 Built Custom Modified Street/Race

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Also I am a race director for the OUTLAW PONTIAC DRAG SERIES. the guy threw in a 1970 455 engine YH code 360 HP, not a bad deal for a $1000. With the green 74 that makes four74 GTOs I've owned. I have pictures of the ones I owned in the 1980's, if I dig them up I'll email them to you. Take it easy. 1962 Grand Prix Nostalgia Packer Pontiac Drag Race Car 389 ci 4 Speed. 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix with Race Built 455, 8 Lugs and Trophy Trac Differential. 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix Rolling Restored Grand Prix 400ci. V8 PS PB Factory A/C. 86 Grand Prix T-Top ROLLER NO ENGINE 2+2 GTO Grand National 400 428 455 Typically, most OEM rods produced after 1970 were in the 50 thousandths size range. These are much too lean for a healthy 455, but possibly could work well on a smaller 350. Experimentation is the key here. Most Pontiac drag racers are running 400 or 455 combinations, so I'll list a few rods that work well for me

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The dual quad 421 with 12-to-one compression was rated 405 horses. The super Super Duty drag engine included special 13-to-one pistons to bring the engine up to 41 0 horses. In the spring of 1963, the infamous GM ban on racing took hold and only a few of the Swiss cheese Catalinas were built. Production of the racing 421 engines also ceased The '69 GTO was equipped with power disc brakes, a manual 4-speed, a 3.90 posi, a Schiefer Rev-Lok pressure plate and clutch, Doug's Headers (with 2-inch primaries and 3 1/2-inch collectors), and 8.00-8.50 x14 Goodyear cheater slicks. With open headers and slicks, the big Ram Air IV Goat ran a 12.62-second pass at 109.52 mph The Strongest Aftermarket Pontiac Engine Block. Call - (804) 794 - 6777. Fax - (804) 379 - 7490. To Place Your Order. Home » Used Parts

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My motor is a .030, 455 Pontiac. It only makes 400hp but the torque starts in the 400s and jumps above 500 quickly and stays there. Torque is what moves you. Horsepower is what keeps you moving. Pontiac built torque motors to win the stoplight drags and they did that well. So you have to pick what your intended use is Scotty's Racing Engines, World class competition drag racing engines for all applications Domestic, Import, Racing Engine machine shop services, Dyno Tested, EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection. Racing Engine Builder for the High Performance racer, Complete Race Engines. Drag Racing, Street Performance or Power added, Nitrous, Supercharged,Turbocharged Pontiac 400 with 375 HP Built By Engine Builder Eddies Performance $7,995.00. A 400 Pontiac block Block will be bored and plate honed accordingly painted color of choice All new cam bearings, freeze plugs, and oil galley plugs Precision ground cast iron crankshaft assembled w/tri metal cleveite 77 rod and main bearing The original 3/4 race cams are the forerunners of today's street-performance grinds. The term likely originated in the '50s as the burgeoning hot-rod industry was modifying Ford Flatheads to drag race on airport runways and attempt top-speed runs on dry lake beds. The legendary Ed Winfield was one the early pioneers in grinding camshafts.