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History of Razor's Edge Bloodline. Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale created the Razor's Edge Pit Bull bloodline. The started with game dogs and began reading any and all literature and magazines related to the breed. Together, they purchased some of the best game dogs, even paying $3,500 for the grandson of Plumbers Alligator, who was. Razors edge is one of the most well known pitbull bloodlines today, this amazing bloodline was created by Dave Wilsof Razors Edge Kennel and Carlos Bark sdale starting back in the late 1980s. The two originally started breeding game style pits while continually adding size The History of the Razors Edge Pitbull Bloodline. Pitbull lovers already know that there are many unique varieties of this great breed. One of them is the Razors Edge Pitbull bloodline. This variety was created over 20 years ago in Washington DC and Maryland starting with game bred dogs

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Razor Edge Bloodlines. A couple of decades ago, Razors Edge Kennel was nothing more than a figment of imagination in the mind of Dave Wilson. And then history was created as today, Razor Edge Bloodlines are recognized as the most sought after bloodlines in almost all parts of the world Razors Edge is a bloodline for everyone. It offers show quality dogs, correct bully dogs, and some overdone dogs (overdone meaning extreme bone, head, and chest) But at the same time very clean dogs compared to other lines. There are several Razors Edge top dogs that carry the head chest, bone and girth that personifies the American Bully The Razor's Edge bloodline is about the ultimate look. This look consisted of heavier built dogs with heavy bone structure. Instead of a terrier emphasis, the developers wanted to bring out more of the bull qualities. Interestingly, the breeders bred females that looked like males. In 1990, Razors Edge was mastered The Razor Edge Pitbull bloodline started when Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale decided on creating a dog breed with specific characteristics. The duo wanted the muscularity, size, and substance of the original Pitbull paired with the Staffordshire Terrier's gentle demeanor Devil's den Kennels is one of the breeders that started the American Bully using the earlier dogs of the Razors Edge Bloodline . All devils den American bullies are true representatives of the American Bully Kennel club standard. At devils Den We breed for the classic, standard and XL classes of the true American Bully breed founded in 2004

Checkmate Kennels, the nation's top American Bully breeder, breeds show quality American Bullies in Atlanta, GA. Our american bullies are bred in a loving environment and cared for by professional breeders. Our dogs are from the Razors Edge and Gotti bloodlines and have the correct structure and temperament for showing Razors Ridge Kennels. 272 likes · 7 talking about this. we raise hunting beagles and house pet

Here is some information you may not be aware of: The Razor's Edge Pitbull bloodline was started in an effort to save the Pitbull breed from extinction. For a number of decades, Pitbulls were being bred to produce the ultimate fighting dog. Over time, features that made pitbulls suitable for fighting shaped the breed Our goal is to produce quality XL pitbulls/bullies for temperment, structure, athletecism, looks and drive. We have selected some of the finest lines and stock out there to date!! Our dogs' lines consist of ROYAL BLUE GENERATION, IRON CROSS KENNELS, GHANGHIS KON, GAFF, YORK, DELA CRUZ 5150, RAZORS EDGE AND CERTIFIED Razors Edge was just one of many of the bully lines. Other bully lines that are popular are: Greyline, Gottiline, Gaff, Watchdog, Camelot, DeLaCruz, Butthead, Royal, Kaos, Gangus Kahn, and many more. Even the Razors Edge bloodline spawned into other Bully lines like Remyline and Shortyline

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  1. Razors edge & Gotti Lines. Content goes here, and here and here and here!We have blue puppies on the ground. (Blood lines) consist of Razors edge and Gotti. (Royal Blue bloodline). ***DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE! *** **Only credit may be placed towards another puppy in the future** * To view all content within this website load/view site in.
  2. Now known as the classic American bully also commonly called the Bully pit, Pit bullies and xl bully. All of our bully breeding stock can be traced back into two main dogs, one being Razors Edge's Cairo of the Razors edge bloodline and the other is Notorious Juan Gotti of the original Gotti line bloodline
  3. The cairo side of razors edge pitbulls is just a fraction of the bloodline. The line has been taking in different directions but everythang basically stems from the knuckles, paddington, and rage blood. Another well known producing dog is Razors Edge CLP's Short Shot, Short Shot is off of Buckshot and Rage, and is also a grandson to Knuckles.
  4. Our bloodlines are GOTTYLINE, RAZORS EDGE, DAXLINE, KINGPINLINE, KURUPT and MIKELAND'S. The majority of our current dogs are out crossed and we will continue to out cross with the majority of our breedings in the future. Our bullies and pups are registered either with the UKC and/or ABKC
  5. Razors Edge Bloodline is one of the few that can set trends and dynamics within The American Bully world. Gottiline Bullies Founded by Richard Barajas, the West Side Kennels started the adventure in 1997 after buying the 7-week old The Notorious Juan Gotty from Tony Moore, owner of Grey Line Kennels, for an amount of $1,300
  6. Razor Edge Pitbull Appearance. Dave Wilson opted to have American Bully dogs for his Razor Edge Pits. However, under this bloodline, the dogs came out with a distinct physical appearance. A Razor Edge Pit has a large head and a short, square muzzle. The dogs are also big-boned, with a short back and broad chest
  7. Pitfall Kennels. Our state of the art kennel is Located in south Atlanta, Ga and sits on 25acres of nothing but greatness. We offer some of the best strands of Razors Edge bloodlines such as Roc and Ruby, Kurupt , Savage , HeartBreaker and a lot more. We also out cross these Razors Edge lines with some Gotti lines such as Mikelands and Monster.

Ed had purchased Blackjack at the time Cruz was first getting into the Razors Edge bloodline. At the time, Cruz wasn't as interested in Blackjack, because Blackjack wasn't a Razors Edge dog. THE BATTLE BRED SOUNDTRACK (FULL VERSION): https://youtu.be/N83X0_NPGS4THE BATTLE BRED SOUNDTRACK (PLAYLIST VERSIO): https://youtube.com/playlist...THE ABSOL.. Razors Edge Demon Boy Check out Razors Edge - Demon Boy in Issue 67 of Bully Girl Magazine. Gender - Male Date of Birth - 06/18/2014 Bloodline - Razors Edge Stud Fee - N/A Location - Glasgow, Scotland Photographer - William Byrne Email bullygirlmagazine@gmail.com to find out how to get your dog featured We supply all the background information of the lineage of both parents. Our puppies come from the prestigious Gotti and Razors Edge bloodlines. You can place a deposit to reserve your dog when it is born. If you want a bully as a companion or to show, Checkmate Kennels offers new puppies throughout the year. Updates are coming soon We Specialize In. American Bullies, With Champion Bloodlines Consisting Of Razor's Edge, Rock-N-Ruby, Purple Ribbon, Gotti, Etc. We DO NOT Breed, Condone Using Nor Do We Sell Our Bullies For Fighting Or Other Illegal Purposes! Proving To Be Great Companions And Loyal, Our Bullies Are Extremely Intelligent, Playful And Wonderful Watchdogs

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  1. Bloodline: Gottiline/Razor's Edge UKC Registered RETIRED. SHADOWLINE'S CLOUD9. Female. Blue Brindle DOB 09/26/2011 20″ tall 20″ head 65lbs Bloodline: WA Outlaw/ Gottiline/ Razor's Edge UKC Registered RETIRED. SHADOWLINE'S DRAMA QUEEN. Female. White/Seal DOB 07/21/201
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  3. The Gottiline Pit bull Bloodline, otherwise known as the Gotti Pitbulls, Gottyline or Gotty Pitbulls have become one of the most popular bloodlines in American Bully Community. This bloodline was started by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. He actually owned the first sire, The Notorious Jua.
  4. razors edge pit bulls are indeed still pit bull terriers. i own one myself and can defiantly tell the difference in him than my other pits that are more from a game style bloodline. although kimbo.

A great many bloodlines of famous Pitbulls originated from skillful breeders. These include Gator, Colby, and Razors Edge. Every bloodline has its own features and history like the Razor's Edges were family dogs while the Chevy's bloodline was more of a weight pulling type. Without further ado, here are the 10 most famous Pitbull bloodlines. The razor edge pitbull is in-demand and the most popular pitbull bloodline. These dogs have a large head and relatively short muzzle with a strong and muscular body. Sometimes the ears are cropped, while at times their ears are pointed. This is a low-shedding dog breed and easy to groom. On a day-to-day basis, a high level of activity and. Our Bloodline Consist Of. Our TxBDB Line Is Made Up Of Gottiline, Razors-Edge, and CBF's Moneyline. The Foundation Of This Line Was Built By Some Of The Top Producing American Bully's In The Country! Our Passion & Devotion Will Always Be To Consistently Build Tx BDB's Legacy RAZORS EDGE PITBULLS Perhaps the most commonly recognized of all the bully bloodlines in the world. The Razors Edge bloodlineis about 20 yrs old and marked the birth of the American Bully dogas we know it today. Created by Dave Wilson and originated in the state of Virginia Our blue pit bulls are Razors edge bloodlines and gottiline bloodlines. We have some of the best looking and the biggest razors edge . blue pitbulls in the country. So if you like The American bully style (Razors edge blue pitbulls) but want the biggest head, wide. chest, muscle mass, bones, and SIZE then you have found the right place

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We breed the best bully style pitbull bloodlines consisting of Cutdowns, Dagger, Royal Bloodline RBG , Iron Cross ICK , GK, Whopper, Razors Edge or Razor Edge, Gottiline or Gottyline, and Mikeland bloodline with a vision in mind to combine the desired characteristics we like about these lines and create the ultimate American Bully By selectively producing and breeding to the absolute best blue razors edge pitbulls in the world it allows us to bring you quality that is second to none. XL Pitbull, Extreme Standard Or Pocket American Bully. Listed above are the 3 types of blue pitbull that our breeding program is centered around. Although each category is a different weight. FPM'S Lilly The Lion X FPM'S RITZ. Puppies Due Date 01-31-2020. These puppies were already born will be ideal for training. Lilly the lion is a one of a kind female who is off of one of the worlds most famous red nose pitbulls of all time named Porky. All puppies will be sold without training but if you want training we will give you a. bloodline: razors edge & colby. ukc / adba registered, purple ribbon bred. ( eye color - ice blue) scarface ~ white head / with diamond patch on head & tear drop patch on eye / seal black body - (son of ice & storm / new jersey). bloodline ~ razors edge / ckc registered. (eye color - green Here at Rebel's Kennel we specialize in 100% Razors Edge Pit Bulls. We do sometimes mix with other bloodlines when we find a dog we like. We take pride in breeding top class dogs, with only the best temperaments, and muscular bodies. Our Dame and Sire are our personal house pets

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Razors Edge is a bloodline for everyone, it offers show quality dogs, bully correct dogs, bully dogs, and overdone dogs, overdone meaning extreme bone, head, and chest, at the same time very nice dogs, but dogs that would not be able to win in the show ring. General Impression Topic Stats: 1 Posts, 1,520 Views, 8 upvotes, V I P Topic, 1, Community Thread, Pinne We have stander, razor edge, gotti, and xxl pit bull puppies available for sale. We Have Committed Ourselves to Providing Our Customers with 100% Gottiline Exotic Bullies. We only use the purest bloodline to breed our American pit bull puppies. The proof is in the pictures! Our exotic bullies are pure because they exhibit the following. Breeding monster sized Gottiline & Razors Edge Bully Pitbulls. Click to see Pitbull Puppies for Sale Blue American Pitbull Terriers for Sale from Elite Bully Nation Pitbull Kennels, Americas Truest Bully Breeder You have found the most compact, mind-blowing, blue bully pitbulls for sale! Our stunning blue pitbulls are true blue and come.

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Some of the bloodlines that were created were Razors Edge, Colby, Gator, as well as Carver and Chevy just to name a few. While Razors Edge pit bulls were bred as family dogs, many of the Chevy dogs were bred as weight pulling dogs. While there is only one pit bull there are many different pitbull bloodlines Founded in 2003 in Racine, Wisconsin, SteelHeadPits emerged from the top American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines in the world. After searching the country, researching the pedigrees of thousands of American pitbull terriers for our foundation blood, we decided on the Greyline, Razors Edge and Goodfellas lines Our foundation bloodline is the Razors Edge Bloodline but we do out-cross other bloodlines such as Gottiline, Daxline, Bullseye, and/or Miagi blood in to our breeding program. Our goal is to produce clean and correct healthy American Bullies with great temperaments that will excel in a family environment. Through very carefully planned breeding. One of the foundation dogs of the American Bully Pitbull Bloodline. Westside's monster (Juan Gotty son). The American Bully pitbull is a dog that was originated in America in the late 1980's. They were bred in Los Angeles California (Gottiline), as well as in Virginia (Razors Edge Pit Bulls)

CH Razors Edge Purple rose Of Cairo. Dam. GRCH Razors Edge Sadey Paddington. Sire. Cloverhill Watuka Spirit. Sire. CLP'S RazEdge Purple Shortshot . Pedigree For: CLP'S TrueTank The Samurai Paco Paco childhood . Dam. Razors Edge Up All Night V. Sire PRRazors Edge TrueBlue's Glory Boy. Dam. Razors Edge CLP Livn N Paradise Razors Edge Pitbulls. The Razors Edge bloodline was created from a lot of different dogs, unlike Gottiline that was based off one dog Razors edge had a large breeding program. Razors Edge was created by Dave Wilson in the 1990's from quite a few different dogs. We will stick to the main dogs in this article Razor Edge Kennels, Lancaster, SC. 4,087 likes. Kennel/Dog Lover AMERICAN PITBULLS THAT CONSIST OF RAZORS EDGE & GOTTILINE BLOODLINES WITH BLUE NOSES. CREATING THE ULTIMATE AMERICAN BULLY UKC PR huge blue razors edge pitbull pups, Razoredge pitbull pups for sale cheap Nationwide classified ads: BLUE BULLY RAZORS EDGE PITBULL PUPS FOR SALE. UKC BLUE PITBULL PUPS FOR SALE.The Founder of Razor's Edge pit bulls.

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She is UKC Registered, 100% Razors Edge bloodline. She is a VERY CORRECT... Pets and Animals Center 2,500 $ View pictures. Blue Pit Pups Razors Edge Gotti Bloodline Breeding confirmed! Blue Pit breeding! Pups Due Sept. 1, 2012. Pups come registered with first shots and dewormed... Razor-Rescue, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. 23 likes. saving the world, one shave at a time We have a new litter of Beautiful Razor edge/ Gotti pitbull puppies, We have 4 females and 1 male, they are all blue/white, they come from a very strong bloodline both parents are onsite if you would like to see them, the father to the pups is a BIG BOY, he is wht/blue in color with a Huge head, Momma to the pups is also blue/white and very thick but as I said you can see them b/c we have them. The bully style of American pit bulls is a compact, muscular dog that stands around 20 inches at the withers. A variation in the breed, defined by a specific breeder as the Razor Edge pit bull, has since become its own bloodline and is now distinguishable from the typical American pit bull terriers by certain characteristics cute pitbull puppies 4849.01 miles. Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier. 624. Location: Sandusky, Ohio. There are ten puppies all together, both mom and dad has short mouth with block size head. They make greay house and family pets, puppies where born o. Displaying: 1 - 21 of 21

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If someone claims to be Red Storm Kennels, please send us a text and we can confirm that you are getting a strong healthy puppy from us. We do not breed any dog that is aggressive in any way towards humans. Our goal is to breed an all around dog that can compete in wall climb, weight pull, agility and other physical activities and come home and. Razors edge bloodlines this little boy will b ready on vday she will come... Pets and Animals Worcester 1,000 $ View pictures. Blue Fawn Female Pitbull Last puppy out of a litter of 10 she was born july 1 2012 she 2 months old very calm and happy puppy her mother is a... Pets and Animals Gardner.

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  1. Razors Edge Bloodline See Sire! They have good bone... Pets and Animals Riverside 250 $ View pictures. UKC registered bully pitbull bullies pup papered Awesome pedigree on this pup. This is a one time breeding and this male is the last dog for sale. , if he is with us... Pets and Animals.
  2. g in heat - $2,200. Female American bully ukc registered co
  3. Bloodline: razors edge & remi 10 weeks old Wormed 3xs 2 sets of parvo shots ( from tractor supply ) Not due for another set until the 27th Pee pad trained Crate trained Good with cats and other dogs big and small Great with kids Her name is Luna she is the last one left out of her brothers and sisters to find a home

Most bloodlines in our blue pitbull kennels include Razors Edge pitbulls, pitbulls, Goochland pits , The Bully Camp Line pitbulls and Mikeland blue pitbulls. Washington Blue pitbulls and 509Bullyz are blue nose pitbull breeders who produce superior bully blue pit bull puppies that have large blocky heads, have short muzzles and short legs and. I only have 3 Bully pups left. Razors edge bloodline. 3 girls left. Will be short and stocky like mom. One chocolate and white. One black and white and one blue and white. Utd on all vacs. $250..


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  5. They are Razors Edge and Rices Bloodline. Have... Pets and Animals Murrayville 150 $ View pictures. American Pitbull Terrier Puppy For Sale Animal Type: Dogs Breed: Pitbull she is a beautiful female was born on 5/08/15. has her second shots she is ukc... Pets and Animals Chicago.
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Razors Edge is a bloodline for everyone. It offers show quality dogs, correct bully dogs, and some overdone dogs (overdone meaning extreme bone, head, and chest) But at the same time very clean dogs compared to other lines Razor Edge Bloodline; Gator Bloodline; Different kinds of Pitbulls are known for their temperaments, physical characteristics, and some other traits. Naturally, the Pitbull is friendly and can adapt to almost any situation, but can only be problematic if not well socialized or given enough attention Bloodlines:Razors Edge (she is a daughter of Manu and a granddaughter of shortshot) Here at Mugleston's Pitbull Farm we believe the true measure of a kennel is not the bully pitbull males, but the bully pitbull females. Most bully pitbull kennels have nice male bully pitbull dogs, but we believe to produce truly superior puppies a bully pitbull. What is the Best American Bully Bloodline? First, a would-be breeder has to choose a Bully from any of the famous Bully Bloodlines that sells quality Bully dogs and pups. Some of the most well-known Bully bloodlines are Watchdog, Razor's Edge, Royal, Gotty (or Gotti), Ganghis Kon, Remyline, Gaff, Monster G, Greyline, Kingpin, and Mikeland Blue Pitbull Pups / CKC / Razor Edge Bloodline / 16 weeks old for sale in East Saint Louis, Illinois $500 Share it or review it. Should See Blue Pitbull Pups, CKC documents, Great construct and nature. Puppies are Razor blade Side bloodline. Images of the Sire and Dam are readily available..

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My Ultimate Blues Pitbulls Puppies For Sale are of top bloodlines Razors Edge, Gottiline, Remyline, Ultimatebluepitbulls, Knolwood, De La Cruz etc. My Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale are socialized by different people and children Suarez Bulls Kennels breeds for. big square blocky heads, very wide chests, short compact bodies, and extreme bone and muscle with correct movement. Excellent temperament is our highest priority. Our foundation Blood is Razors Edge, Gaff and Gottiline. We Prefer the extreme compact side of the Bully Pit Style.. Much of our bloodlines consist of Iron Cross kennels. But we also have Sunlines, RBG, Razors Edge, Dagger and Whopper Blood. We have sold puppies all over North Carolina, we except a $500.00 deposit to hold picks, unless you choose a first pick, then it would be $1,000 The Remyline bloodline was founded by Fabian Chichester. Chichester purchased his Razor's Edge Pit Bull, Lowjack's Remy Martin, for $500 and a treadmill from Ruckus Kennels. Remy was six weeks old and the puppy in the litter that no one wanted.. The following year, Chichester bred Remy to Bella, his female Mix breeding was NEVER an idea or option! You can breed for traits already prevalent to pull desired genes. Contrary to rumors, only Pits and Staffs which came from the same original American Pit Bull Terrier were used in the creation Razors Edge, NEVER another breed. If you were to ask me i don't see how the bullies came fro

PITFALL KENNELS. Our state of the art kennel is Located in south Atlanta, Ga and sits on 25acres of nothing but greatness. We offer some of the best strands of Razors Edge bloodlines such as Roc and Ruby, Kurupt , Savage , HeartBreaker and a lot more. We also out cross these Razors Edge lines with some Gotti lines such as Mikelands and Monster. Our Bloodlines consist of Razor's Edge & Gottiline, which are the Top Two Bloodlines in the Country. When ever we mention those Bloodlines, you can be sure that we have researched The Top Dogs in the Country that are winning shows in various categories. We would really hate to breed 2 dogs with no meaning or purpose bloodlines: razors edge, iron cross, royal blue, grey line; d.o.b. november 30th 2015; 90 pounds and growin Razors Edge & Gotti bloodlines has been MANS BEST FRIEND in my family for many years and for that reason we will always Reserve the Right to Refuse to sell any of our dogs to anyone we feel would do them harm. Converse Bullies is a part of this Club for the LOVE of this Breed, we do not take part of nor do we promote any Dog Fighting or. Our dogs posses a variety of Top Ranked Bloodlines including Bullseye, Daxline, Bossy Kennels, Probulls, Shrinkabulls, Miagi, Razors Edge, Gottiline, Dela cruz, Gaff, & of course Ultimate Blues! We offer a Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement with each pup, Shipping World Wide, and Ear Cropping

We been up and running since 2009. LSK specialize in Razor's Edge, King Kong, and LSK blood.... colors vary according to breedings. American Pitbull Terriers and American Bullies have been in the family since 2000. We are proud members of the World Bully Association (WBA) working on keeping a positive image for the breed If you know of a line that is not listed here let us know.Note: some claim that some of these lines are really American Bully lines or American Staffordshire Terrier lines, while others say they are indeed Pit Bull lines. We have all of the names listed below, but have listed a few a second time at the bottom of the page for those who say they are American Bully or Staffy

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'pr' dominion/killnois kennels d-bo : sire ch razors edge razzel dazzel : dam: dam razors edge sing me a lullaby : sire razor edge pedee wheatstrong : dam razors edge blue chyna doll : dam kbpm freak of nature bum style : sire 'pr' lextown xxx pits money$ sire blue diamonds cpk raizin' kane : da Colby is an old line of APBT that's been around since the 1800s. Here is their website: Colby's American Pit Bull Terriers. Razors Edge is a line that is shrouded in controversy. At best, it is an APBT/AmStaff line that has been bred for greater and greater extremes. At worst, it might be crossed with other breeds Our clean and professional kennels are located in Upstate, NY and in Long Island NY. Our family has had dogs it seems, forever. We've come to love the XL Bully Pitbulls. Our dogs come from the best of all the top old school bloodlines like Razors Edge, Gotti, Greyline, Gangis Kon, more gucci: white head, with left eye patch / blue body. 1st daughter from ice & coco. (from new jersey). bloodline ~ 50% razors edge / 50% watch dog Parents on premises, as well as puppies from past litters. 100% Razor's Edge bloodline w/ papers. 6 females, 1 male- blue nose or brindle. If not familiar with Bullies- please google Razor's edge pit bulls, or American bullies. Just like traditional pit bulls- but stockier,& with a temperament aimed for the family dog. Come see, interact with.


Bloodline: Muglestons, Zullou , Ultimateblues (watchdog, razor edge, gotti) She is off of Zoey and X-Kaliber. Fiona is a grandaughter to the famous Kanye West. Being that fionas mom and dad are both over 100lbs and all the dogs in fionas immediate ped are all over 100lbs fiona will be great addition to our team and are very confident that she wil Venomline is known for producing some of the thickest dogs in the world, without sacrificing conformation or health. Our dogs are known for having massive heads, dense bone, broad chests, wide shoulders, short muzzles, and being packed rock solid with muscle on short & compact frames Female is 100% Razors edge 18 tall blue brindle & male is 85% razors edge & 15% makeland bloodline & 191/2 tall... Pets and Animals Richmond 800 $ View picture Here at Never Duplicated Pitbulls our blue pit bulls are Razors edge bloodlines and Gottyline bloodlines. We have some of the best looking and the biggest razors edge. blue pitbulls in the country. So if you like The American bully style (Razors edge blue pitbulls) but want the biggest head, wide chest, muscle mass, bones, and SIZE then you. The American Bully comes in other bloodlines such as Watchdog, Monster G, Razors Edge etc. They were developed by other breeders who then branded their own line of dogs. Many breeders are not experienced in developing these varieties so backyard breeding becomes a major problem. The true breeders of these lines value the quality of their pups.