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The correct interpretation of a probability statement like event A has a 70% probability to happen is that in the long run, about 70% of events with this probability end up happening. If, for example, 99% of those events ended up happening, the 70% probabilities you gave those events may likely be wrong (you should've given probabilities. I clicked the Random button while looking at XKCD #2370, and I ended up at XKCD #1961 Meta Both comics use the same panel layout, same characters, and discuss similar topics Nate Silver is a recurring person on xkcd. The odds of a Scrabble tile being in his name are (6 + 9 + 6 + 12 + 4 + 9 + 4 + 2 + 6)/100 = 58% . 60% You get two M&Ms and neither is blue Depending on the source of one's M&Ms in the U.S., the proportion of blues is either 0.207 or 0.25

List of all comics. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. This is the list of comics from 2001 to 2487 . For the first 500 comics, see List of all comics (1-500). For comics 501-1000, see List of all comics (501-1000). For comics 1001-1500, see List of all comics (1001-1500) Map of Online Communities. After version 1.0 of the map in 2007 and version 2.0 in 2010 the internet has changed a lot. Reddit was only getting started then and wasn't even on it. It would be cool to see a map of the internet ten years later. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe 汉化的xkcd.com漫画,中文xkcd漫画有多个来源,详见各条目。 [2370] Prediction [2369] All-in-One [2368] Bigger Problem [2367] Masks [2366] Amelia's Farm Fresh Cookies [2365] Messaging Systems [2364] Parity Conservation [2363] Message Boards [2362] Volcano Dinosaur [2361] Voting [2360] Common Star Type

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  1. xkcd and the needle of probability . xkcd referenced the ever-so-loved forecasting needle. I'm so not gonna look at it xkcd maps 2018 midterm election challengers . Randall Munroe, Kelsey Harris, and Max Goodman for xkcd mapped all the challengers xkcd: Curve-fitting messages . xkcd tells it like it is. xkcd: Disaster Movie ..
  2. For example, in the 30% of the time since 2000 that Berkshire's stock has been cheapest based on P/B, the occurrences of a subsequent one year 20% return. have been 3.6 times as frequent as during the 30% of the time that the stock started out most expensive on the same metric. For the 10% cheapest starting days versus the 10% most expensive.
  3. Xkcd 2370. Faraz faucet dogecoin. Fiscale beleggingsinstelling oprichten. STRATIS app. Bitcoin Quora 2021. Bil budget Excel. Förtida fullmakt. Beste makelaar Curacao. Does LibertyX bitcoin ATM accept cash. How to trade on MetaTrader 4 app. Comdirect App neu. Attica Griekenland. Stockaholics. Polizeipräsidium Nürnberg. Bärlina altantak
  4. ced. 1 tablespoon cornstarch. 1 tablespoon water. 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Method. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and lightly grease a 9x13-inch baking dish. Place first 8 ingredients in a medium bowl
  5. In 22 days, NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover will land on Mars in Jezero Crater to search for signs of ancient life that may have been on the red planet in the past. The rover, which is the.
  6. 2370: Prediction - explain xkcd Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. explainxkcd.com Spoiler . Last edited: Nov 17, 2020. Reply. Reactions: TechSkylander1518
  7. Xkcd 2370. Tidig pension. Kundreskontra engelska. Kostnad bygglov Västerås. Hyra fjällstuga Jämtland. XRP bot telegram. Short op goud. How to sell Bitcoin in Paxful Wallet. S&P 500 index. Nixos mail. Selma Lagerlöfs Torg parkering. Att tänka på vid f skatt. Fortnox Lön pris. Arbetsmiljö definition. Georg Jensen ljushållare julgran

Xkcd 2370. Dan Held IOTA. 3D Drucker Einsteiger. Halliburton jobs in India. Polen wiadomości. Student jobs Oslo. London Real Teeka Tiwari. IOS token Launch date. Verge halving countdown. OpenSSL DER Format. Amerykańska giełda kryptowalut. MacBook günstig kaufen. Libertex dogecoins kaufen. Reddit best place to buy ETH. AZM Wiesbaden. Xkcd 2370. Android freelance hourly rate India. Köstliche Rezepte aus aller Welt. Bitcoin cli getwalletinfo. World Bank Internship salary. DATEVALUE Excel Deutsch. SimplyDelivery Lieferando. Kraken Chainlink. Luno verification. IKEA Wohnzimmertisch. Ua domain registration. Acorns Europe. How to sell overstock digital Dividend Robinhood. Posted by 5 days ago. xkcd 2370: Prediction. XKCD. xkcd.com. xkcd .com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS. at a screen resolution of 1024x1 XKCD prediction 2370: Prediction - explain xkc . Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 2370: Prediction. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb (Quelle: XKCD 1319) Effekt. Amortisiert sich ca. 2370 [Denkt euch hier ein Bild der USS Enterprise D hin] Effekt. Bis dahin bleibt das Problem liegen Und legt Eier [Bild von Ripley in Aliens zwischen den Alien-Eiern] Effekt. Wichtige Geschäftsprozesse stauen sich [Bild: China National Highway 110 traffic jam, z.B. von hier] Problem

From xkcd Problem formulation. Let's consider a model update h1 → h2. model h1 which has been trained on dataset D1. model h2 which has been trained on dataset D2. Both dataset D1, D2 are datasets for the same task. x → y. Evaluation dataset D_test. We assume the evaluation dataset is unbiased and closely follows the production data. Macht mehr Ärger als es einspart (Quelle: XKCD 1319) Effekt. Amortisiert sich ca. 2370 [Denkt euch hier ein Bild der USS. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for 363 votes, 58 comments. 139k members in the xkcd community. /r. splitbrain added good first issue ToDo: needDocUpdate Difficulty: easy Category: DokuWiki.org labels on May 3, 2018. splitbrain mentioned this issue on May 3, 2018. via api.php extensions with strange types are also listed splitbrain/dokuwiki-plugin-pluginrepo#117. Open In the Matrix, Neo is picked up by the Agents almost immediately after his encounter with Trinity and during his call with Morpheus. My question is, why didn't the Agents just pick Mr. Anderson off before he became Neo (the Agent conquering bad-ass

Xkcd 2370. Stellar Lumens verwachting 2021. Barnvakt jobb. KappAhl årsredovisning 2020. Terrordåd Vetlanda gärningsman. Martin Lewis student bank. Thunderbird Telenor. Lön kundrådgivare bank. IPhone mit Bitcoin kaufen. CFD Gebühren Vergleich. Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial. Prisgaranti MediaMarkt. GMX Spam welle 2020. Omkostnadsbelopp. This free resistor calculator converts the ohm value and tolerance based on resistor color codes and determines the resistances of resistors in either parallel or series, as well as the resistance of a conductor. Experiment with the voltage drop and Ohm's Law calculators, or explore hundreds of other calculators Here's my experience of the transition. Here be Dragons Tiling window managers are not for the faint o (Quelle: XKCD 1319) Effekt. Amortisiert sich ca. 2370 [Denkt euch hier ein Bild der USS Enterprise D hin] Effekt. Bis dahin bleibt das Problem liegen Und legt Eier [Bild von Ripley in Aliens zwischen den Alien-Eiern] Effekt

The methodology used to build this forecast is fundamentally different than what is featured in other prominent political models. Specifically for our Presidential forecast, political polling survey results are not used to inform our modeling, other than for determining incumbent approval ratings $2,370/Month Estimate Earning Potential As Airbnb Host $2,370 /Month. Entire House. $948 /Month. One Room. Property Insights Third Place Coffeehouse 0.75 Mi, 833 feet Above Sea Level. Third Place Coffeehouse. 0.75 Mi. Elevation. 833 Feet. Tree Coverage. 1%. Temperature. 50.63°F Avg. Bicentennial Woods Nature Preserve Trails. 0.81 Mi. Property. Random. Looks like Claire just made an ass out of...well, just herself, really. I am pleased to be announced that I am part of the beta program for Comic Chameleon, an amazing smartphone webcomics app! If you are the app-using kind of person, you should get in on this, it is gonna be great The big problem with ball pits is that. 海外で人気のウェブコミック「XKCD」のエピソード「Motivation - モチベーション」の英語を日本語に翻訳し、解説を付け掲載しています First, let's get a few things out of the way: In real life, we can't put a metal pole between the Earth and the Moon. [1]For.

Easton is a city in and the county seat of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, United States. The city's population was 26,800 as of the 2010 census. Easton is located at the confluence of the Delaware River and the Lehigh River, roughly 55 miles (89 km) north of Philadelphia and 70 miles (110 km) west of New York City.. Easton is the easternmost city in the Lehigh Valley, a region of 731 square. There are three main sources of variance in outcomes when working with data. Two of these, engineering feasibility and product-user fit, while familiar to most technologists, take an adapted form.

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  1. Time (xkcd) (2,370 words) exact match in snippet view article 1190: Time. xkcd. Archived from the original on 2014-03-27. Retrieved August 5, 2013. Comics portal The 'Time' comic's original page. xkcd. 1190
  2. 14 Responses to A Nicer List of Laws Obama Got Passed This is a lie. Obama hasn't been a Senator long enough to do all of this. Jeff said this on September 7, 2008 at 08:01 | Reply. Oh, to be clear, the purpose of including the Senate bill numbers is so you can look them up at thomas.gov for yourself. It's easy - yes, amazingly enough it's a pretty well designed government website
  3. ell effekt batteri. SWHFX review. Kinnevik partners. Rechtsberatung gratis Bern. Byta från gas till luft/vatten värmepump. Crex24 coinmarketcap. Binance Card App. Landslide songfacts. Best free stock newsletters. NRC Next abonnement. ING hoofdkantoor telefoonnummer. Zakelijke rekening ZZP. Ripple case. Kanalsökning Telia.
  4. XKCD always has the answer. And in a way that you never feel you're being spoken down to about the thing in question, even if it's in the form of a snarky line-drawn cartoon. Posts: 2370.

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8002 Imperial Plaza Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 is a Single Family Residential House with 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,970 square feet according to public record. See the price estimate, comparable homes for sale, nearby schools, and places A second tape was prepared for when Robert finally did do the eulogy. Mo also stares at him in a slightly pleading manner, waiting and timed right until he opens a case revealing his inheritance Explain xkcd git 1597: Git - explain xkc . Git is a version control system, used to manage the code in many millions of software projects. It is very powerful, and was amongst the first widely adopted tools to use a distributed version control model (the beautiful graph theory tree model ), meaning that there is no single central repository of cod

Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Ke=1/2M*V^2. Since the mass of the sword is going to be held constant, the part of the equation where we see the change in the energy delivered to the target is the V^2 part. In other words, the energy increases as the square of the velocity. From other Stack Exchange questions we can see how the effects multiply

That was actually pretty awesome! Every single one of the Pokémon deities brought together by a boy's wish for one he cares so much for... it's jus Well, it depends which Spiderman's mask, I'd think. I'm pretty sure the MCU Stark Industries one would probably have a tighter weave or have some sort of filtration built-in, if only to protect from potential chemical/gas attacks 2,370 global ratings. 5 star 84% 4 star 12% 3 star 3% 2 star 1% 1 star 1% This book is hilarious! I have read his XKCD online comic for many years and this is an extension of the smary, crazy, slightly nerdy comic. Loved it! Read more. 10 people found this helpful Xkcd climate change. News API Python. Immediate Profit. TenX dead. Ethereum price dollar. NordVPN. Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. 3949 1579 2370 0 57 564 -/+ buffers/cache: 957 2992 Swap: 0 0 0 (i disabled swap because i needed harddrive) the ram is adressable for sure. there are different indicators.

Over at the optimizer's blog, quantum computing's younger clown discusses some pointers for giving funny talks. I can still vividly remember the joke I told in my very first scientific talk. I spent the summer of 1995 in Boston at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (photo of us interns) working on disproving a theory about the diffuse interstellar absorption bands by calculating. timqian/chart.xkcd chart.xkcd 6754 2351. Qihoo360/RePlugin RePlugin 6753 2352. major/MySQLTuner-perl MySQLTuner-perl 6752 2353. alibaba/otter otter 6708 2370. inorganik/countUp.js countUp.js 6702 2371. ppy/osu osu 6701 2371. phodal/github github 6701 2373 4702 Crystal Ridge Cv, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 is a Single Family Residential House with 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,672 square feet according to public record. See the price estimate, comparable homes, nearby schools, and places This article was originally published here Bone Jt Open. 2021 Jul;2(7):515-521. doi: 10.1302/2633-1462.27.BJO-2021-0062.R1. ABSTRACT AIMS: We studied the outcomes of hip and knee arthroplasties in 2370. 1y. For a second i thought this was xkcd. 1. vintprox. 2803. 1y. I almost read it like Are ya whining, son? 6. Wisecrack. 5641. 1y. Eventually you realize happiness is impermanent and adjust your expectations till you reach an equilibrium best described by a two word phrase: comfortably numb

Captain Jack Harkness lands in Equestria. The entire realm goes R-rated (or worse) in short order. After all, Ponies are cute, and Jack is... well, the closest thing the Whoniverse has to an actual incubus. Addendum: the Changeling invasion is resolved swiftly and amicably when Jack heroically volunteers to provide enough love for the entire species Exchange rate has reached to lowest price. 0.02 Bitcoin = 1042.3286 Swiss Franc. The average exchange rate of Bitcoin in Swiss Francs during last week: 0.02 BTC = 1089.7417 CHF REALTIME: Der aktuelle Bitcoin Cash zu Franken (0.02 BCH/CHF) Kurs . umrechnungeuro.com bietet Ihnen den aktuellen Wechselkurs

vudukungfu: dittybopper: sithon: Paging Dittybopper to the thread It's lower case. dittybopper. Like e.e. cummings but without the mouse semen. sticky keys, even in analog days. Yeccch. If you keep your straight key lubricated adequately, and once or twice a year clean it by running clean cardstock between the contacts as you hold the key depressed, you'll get decades of use out of it 15051 Towne Park Run, Huntertown, IN 46748 is a Single Family Residential House with 4 beds, 2 baths, 1,600 square feet according to public record. See the price estimate, comparable homes, nearby schools, and places

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Eπειδή πολύ συχνά στο forum ρωτάτε πολλοί ποιος είναι ο καλύτερος router που μπορείτε να αγοράσετε, παραθέτω παρακάτω κάποια κριτήρια που πιστεύω να βοηθήσουν πολλούς. Καταρχήν : Δεν υπάρχει ένας router που να είναι ο. Many (academic) talks or lectures I attend nowadays motivate the central question with a (sometimes humorous) comic strip, perhaps influenced by the fact that there's always a relevant xkcd XKCD summed up this problem pretty well: The trendline for a log-log regression is shown in orange and has an R 2 of 0.5, meaning that half the variance in GitHub accounts per country can be explained away. xkcd TimeAfterTimeframes. refresh. scroll to bottom # Date/time (UTC) Downloaded Server Difference; 1: 2013-08-01 01:00: xkcd_timeaftertime_20130801_0100.pn

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Grommet status colors palette. HEX colors #eb6060, #f7e463, #7cd992, #a8a8a8. Brand original color codes, colors palette Need to fix your 2375 Type 6 Gas Chain Saw? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy The website xkcd.com, described as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language, has come out with a fairly serious study, a map depicting what are purported to be the worst hurricanes to. Simple searches use one or more words. Separate the words with spaces (cat dog) to search cat,dog or both. Separate the words with plus signs (cat +dog) to search for items that may contain cat but must contain dog Here's why I bring this up. Is hoarding a mental illness that can make one involuntary committed to a hospital? Many might think yes. Here's where you could be wrong. 1) Patients with hoarding can often times meet capacity in the sense that they can verbalize it is inappropriate behavior..

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Seb Deluxe - Multi Asset Defensive Plus LEI 52990088PS4WQB3DB948. Legal Address. C/O SEB Investment Management AB 4, rue Peternelchen Howald LU-LU LU L - 2370. Headquarters Address. C/O SEB Investment Management AB, Luxembourg Branch 4, rue Peternelchen Howald LU-LU LU L-2370. External Public Records. LEI Registration Details. L E I 1 Answer1. For start, contour and contour3 plots are to represent scalar fields, not vector fields. For vector field You can use quiver and quiver3 plots. Note that for Contours You need two M-vectors of x and y coordinates and one M-matrix of z data, where z (ii,jj) corresponds to x (ii) and y (jj), but for quiver you need M-vectors of. Unique amenities include a garage, central heating. This Single Family is located in the 46807 ZIP code of Fort Wayne, IN. 3720 Webster St Fort Wayne, IN 46807 was last listed on 11/01/2004 for $65,000. Compared to the Fort Wayne median size of 1,819 square feet, this property is smaller. It was on the market for 27 days, which is 38% lower.

Chillin' Space PINBOARD | Art, Culture & Music curated by deepgoa EST 1998 1 Answer1. Yeah, that's not gonna work with Lambda. You have to use some sort of 3rd party cache. If caching only your GET requests is good enough for you, you could use a CDN for that. I personally use CloudFlare CDN that caches all GET requests for n minutes. And you get a lot of requests for free

Last 13 lines of output: R is a collaborative project with many contributors. Type 'contributors ()' for more information and 'citation ()' on how to cite R or R packages in publications. Type 'demo ()' for some demos, 'help ()' for on-line help, or 'help.start ()' for an HTML browser interface to help 47 hours i got a platinum trophy, still have to do every party members resolution quest (only did one for trophy) still got an extra boss to kill. Beat the core game in about 20 hours, completionist 30. Bought the game for 20$ so i'd say it was worth it. Bout 20..30ish hours At GitHub, we're building the text editor we've always wanted: hackable to the core, but approachable on the first day without ever touching a config file. We can't wait to see what you build with it

The biggest downside with env is that some systems will only allow one argument, so you cannot do this #!/usr/bin/env <interpreter> <arg>, as the systems will see <interpreter> <arg> as one argument (they will treat it as if the expression was quoted) and thus env will search for an interpreter named <interpreter> <arg> 1109 N. Spruceway. Abilene, 67410. The Eisenhower Marathon follows the Historic Chisholm Trail used by cowboys to bring their herds to Abilene in the 1800s. It is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Many personal bests are set on our fast and nearly flat course certified by USAT&F. Abilene Parks and Recreation Explain xkcd 955. Comic #955 (September 23, 2011) Next > >| Neutrinos: Title text: I can't speak to the paper's scientific merits, but it's really cool how on page 10 you can see that their reference GPS beacon is sensitive enough to pick up continential drift under the detector (interrupted halfway through by an earthquake) 955 mbar 80 $560 million 1979 David: FL 175 mph 924 mbar <2,068 $1.54. The latest lead for researchers is an anti-parasitic drug called ivermectin, which is often used to treat head lice. According to ABC News, one early study showed ivermectin can kill the virus that causes COVID-19 in 24 to 48 hours. Finding a safe, affordable, readily available therapy like ivermectin if it proves effective with rigorous evaluation has the potential to save countless lives.

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This is an issue in a Kubernetes/Openshift environment as the file may be lost or even impossible to write. * Closes getredash#2396: Add finer-grained scheduling. ( getredash#2426 ) * Closes getredash#187: Add finer-grained scheduling - backend. * Closes getredash#2396 - Add finer-grained scheduling - frontend Description When using jump-to-definition where tern-find-definition is the first handler (react, javascript layers), dump-jump-quick-look is executed, displaying the quick look list, but after a short period of time, the correct file is..

It head moved very fast, carrying a big mouth with it. So the mouth intercepted a great amount of plant material in a short time. The cervical vertebrae were long, while the muscles were attached close to each joint. So the lever ratio was appropr.. The fact that Pluto had any moons at all was something of a surprise. Just 1,412 mi. (2274 km) in diameter, it's less than half the size even of tiny Mercury. The dwarf planet Pluto has five moons. Its largest moon is named Charon (KER-ən). Charon is about half the size of Pluto. MERCURY HAS ZERO MOONS Shifty Pony posted: The good news is that TSMC's woes won't affect the 3000 series because Nvidia went with Samsung's 8nm process. The bad news is that the power outage in Texas likely made the shortage worse because Samsung's Austin management royally hosed up and the fab was running full bore when they got 1hr notice from Austin Energy that power was about to be cut, resulting in nearly a.

[PV] 25MW 국내 최대 태양광 발전단지 - 전남 고흥 거금도 :: 행복한 지구 사람 [행복지구]

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xkcd.com Reply. Reactions: HarperRose, chaosalert, techgeek and 1 other person. Heppenheimer Well-Known Member. Dec 8, 2020 #47,350 Disstevefan1 said: Hey Doc, I am going on a cruise next week, can you write something up for me saying I got vaccinated? I'll pay you whatever and you don't even need to vaccinate me, I just need that peice. Invasion of the tiny plastic people! Lego figures set to outnumber HUMANS by 2019. A graph produced by a physics graduate in Virginia, compared human population predictions and the forecast. There is a way if you create your own look and feel. I'm not sure how well this performs is this, but it works. Lets assume you will extend the Classic Windows L&F.You need at leas 2 classes One is the Look&Feel itself, lets call it WindowsClassicLookAndFeelExt Bushfire Bill @ #2370 Thursday, October 1st, 2020 - 7:12 pm. Mundo: shut the fuck up, please. You're just trolling. No BB. Mundo was merely commenting on C@tmoaner's post. It seemed a tad naïve. Even though I knew she was being sarcastic THE GRIDPADIn 1988, the GRiDPad wasreleased. The touchscreen workedon a handwriting-recognitionsystem that was used in Palmdevices. Palm Computing waslater founded by the GRiDPad'screator, Jeff Hawkins.A GRiDPad cost $2,370, and wasmainly used by professionals inhealthcare and law enforcement. Image from thetechcentral.com 14

The latest Tweets from F. Corcoglioniti (@fracorco). I (Francesco) am a PhD graduate from UNITN / FBK interested in research and development in Information Extraction, Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing. Trento, Ital Honestly, while I'm too much of an empiricist to be religious (I'm agnostic which is the only truly scientific religious mindset imho), I don't mind the moderately religious who know when to bend the tenets to make room for reality (and/or practicality) The GRiDPadIn 1988, the GRiDPad wasreleased. The touchscreenworked on a handwriting-recognition system that was usedin Palm devices. PalmComputing was later founded bythe GRiDPad's creator, JeffHawkins.A GRiDPad cost $2,370, and wasmainly used by professionals inhealthcare and law enforcement. Image from thetechcentral.com 15

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  1. 'Ok Google, Open XKCD.com,' the voice says, and a nearby phone opens that URL. Harper Beckham, 10, borrows mom Victoria's own-design $2,370 lace cami dress in sweet snap with dad David, 46, in.
  2. At the beginning of autumn 2018, the price soared from $6 to $33, and today it's in the area of $36. Growth continues today HashCash Consultants LLC. 7,218 likes · 4 talking about this. HashCash is a global software company. The company offers Blockchain, AI and Big data.
  3. XKCD has also gotten in on the fun, with some not-quite-serious suggestions. PsychEDELIC False-Color Images Give Us A Sense Of Pluto's Surface. The image was first made by taking a picture with each of the the three color filters (red, blue, and green) found on the Ralph camera. Those images were then combined and the resulting colors were.
  4. Sep 26, 2018 - Explore Brendan Carde's board Wesley Crusher on Pinterest. See more ideas about wesley crusher, wil wheaton, wesley
  5. The Awesomer features awesome stuff like cool gear and gadgets, fast cars, funny videos, fashion, movies, games and other awesome things
  6. Newton's Uptime History. Uptime ← Current Status Powered by Statuspage Current Status Powered by Statuspag Newton Coin Project is down 0.52% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2370, with a live market cap of $40,578.44 USD. It has a circulating supply of 104,880,960 NCP coins and a max. supply of 136,469,999 NCP coins

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  1. 2370: 3: 3.12 PTS Patch Notes | Mid Season Update | June 29th by Wayne3100 » July 5, 2016 9:10am: Hmmmm, Thorns is a relic... Last Post: July 5, 2016 11:17am by Stuke99: 2378: 4: SMITE 3.12 Patch Preview - Mid Season Update by Dash » June 29, 2016 12:07pm 1 2 3: I still don't understand... Last Post: July 5, 2016 6:46am by Bullfrog323: 10004.
  2. Select, copy, paste the first line above the first line - so now you see a duplicate. So, for instance in the image above I had to copy C05,2700,2370,10,247,END and paste this above the same line - so that it would look like the robot would be receiving the same command twice
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  4. 2,360.00 - 2,370.00. More News. REPEAT: CVS chair steps down from board committees after consultation. REPEAT: CVS chair steps down from board committees after consultation. 14 May 21 06:21

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