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  1. eral oil in your guinea pig's ear or on the cotton swab. But HappyCavy likes to keep the ear cleaning process simple by using just one supply: cotton swabs (Q-Tips). They purchase swabs at the local grocer and they don't skimp out either
  2. To remove your guinea pig's ear wax safely, you will need cotton buds, cloth, and patience. Calm down your guinea pigs and inspect their ears. If you find any large piece of dirt or wax, use a tweezer to get rid of it. And the remaining can be cleaned up using wet buds in the bottom to top motion
  3. Massage your guinea pig's ear in order to gently spread the oil inside their ear folds. Step 5: Remove the oil by using a cotton pad to gently wipe their ear. The wax and dead skin will come with it

Since you are using New All Natural Pet Ear Cleaner which contains eucalyptus extracts, it will loosen the wax for easy removal. It also removes the black gunk in guinea pigs ears, grease, and other debris if any. Until you are satisfied that the ear is clean, that is when you can move to the other ear * Userful? Cute? Informative? HIT LIKE *Waxy guinea pig ears can lead to discomfort, ear infections, skin irritation, and other super disgusting health probl.. For the accumulated dirt which is difficult to clean, dab a clean cotton bud in baby oil, pat dry, and gently wipe the inside of the ear. Wipe in an outward motion. You may use a cotton pad wrapped around your finger instead on a cotton bud. Wipe away the baby oil in your guinea pig's ears Are you frightened of what part of guinea pigs ears are safe and need cleaning. This video is for you, so that you can safely remain on top of fungal issues. 0. Sep 2, 2008. #3. Personally I wouldn't use the wipes as you don't know whats in them chemical wise. I use a cotton bud but be careful not to poke in the ear as like with us it can cause damage. Guinea Lynx says you can use mineral oil. Must admit my pigs ears don't get dirty or waxy for some strange reason. rolleyes. Status

You can use water from a slow-flowing faucet, or pour water gently over your guinea pig from a container. We recommend a slow pour from a container. The reason is that our goal is to clean our guinea pig with as few stressors as possible. Running water from a faucet, even if slow, can add extra stimuli to the experience The best preventative for a guinea pig suffering from an ear infection is to isolate them to prevent the illness from spreading to other guinea pigs in the cage. Set up a temporary cage using a large cardboard box or a transportable enclosure. Line the base of the cage with towels and provide hay, pellets, and water. The all natural Piggies Choice Hay Racks are available finally! https://amzn.to/3iYcPHPAs well as the new Piggies Choice Space House colors https://amzn.to/3.. A vlog cleaning some dirty black stuff out of our guinea pigs ears! Watch them eat some veggies and take a mini tour outside. Check Out Guinea Pig Jungl..

If your guinea pig's ears are just generally dirty then you can wash them with a bit of guinea pig shampoo. Simply lather up the shampoo in your hands and gently rub it onto their ears and underneath them How to Clean a Guinea Pig's Eyes and Ears. The eyes and ears of a guinea pig are very sensitive. You need to take extreme care when cleaning. Never use shampoo to clean a guinea pig's eyes. It will sting their eyes and they will become very distressed. Sometimes the eyes and ears of your guinea pig will have gunk in or around them Ears Before the bath clean the ears. Use a few drops of either Olive or Mineral oil in the ear and massage it in. Then get a Q tip and gently remove the oil and with it will come the ear wax. Make sure you go into each fold in the ear with the Q tip. You are not cleaning the inner ear canal just the many folds in a guinea pigs ear How to Clean Guinea Pig Ears? Paul June 24, 2021 Health One of your most important jobs as a guinea pig owner is to make sure your guinea pig lives in a healthy and clean environment

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Wondering how to clean guinea pig ears? Keeping your cavies' ears clean is a requirement that every guinea pig owner should do, and, truth be told, it is a very easy thing to do! Mainly, this process involves three main January 28, 2021 No Comments. Ginger To clean your piggy's ears, you'll need a cotton swab and either some mineral oil or a guinea pig ear cleaner. Lightly moisten the cotton swab tip with your preferred ear cleaner and gently wipe it over the outer surface on each ear

Sheltie guinea pigs are wonderful beautiful piggies who are beloved by owners and breeders worldwide. You can spot clean them though. He adores the warmth of the hairdryer and then I clean his ears with baby wipes. He loves to be groomed and clean and finishes the treatment off by licking his paws and washing his cute face 3. Remove stubborn dirt before bathing your guinea pig. Before washing your cavies, remove any stubborn dirt with a damp cloth or pet wipe. This will make cleaning your piggy in the water a whole lot easier, and a lot less stressful. 4.Cleaning your guinea pig. Always put your guinea pig in the water, back legs first I don't know how to clean my piggies ears and I don't want to hurt them. Any ideas? Also while I'm cleaning them is there any other part of the guinea pig that needs cleaning every once a week or month? ( I already bathe them every 1-3 months so their coat does not get too greasy and I trim their nails when they get long) im just making sure they are clean and healthy :) and does anybody know.

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Also, longer-haired guinea pigs (like Feebee) will get dirty much quicker than short haired cavies (like Buttercup). Because of these differences, The Humans stick to a bi-weekly schedule of nail trims, ear cleaning, and brushing. Every two weeks, a nail trim and ear cleaning is done after floortime (at the same time weight checks are done) HOW TO CLEAN YOUR GUINEA PIG'S GREASE GLAND. Trim the fur surrounding the grease gland if needed. This makes it easier to see the area especially if your pig is of the long-haired variety. If there is accumulated buildup, apply coconut oil to the gland and gently rub it in. Coconut oil acts as a natural degreasing agent to loosen the buildup

Give your guinea pig softer hays to eat, such as oatmeal hay, instead of bristly or sharp hay. This will prevent future mouth and jaw abscesses. Make sure that the pellets you feed the guinea pig are fortified with Vitamin C. If your guinea pig refuses to eat, you should take it back to the vet. You may have to feed it with a syringe Guinea pigs dislike being wet, and also wet bathing makes them shiver, with the risk of catching a cold-related infection. Powder bathing can be used to clean Guinea pigs since it can also be used on small animal pets. Powder bathing involves applying bathing powder onto the fur and then using a stiff bristle brush to clean it Your guinea pig's ears also require occasional ear wax removal. Use soft, warm cloth or cotton swab dipped in mineral oil to clean the outer ear, but do not push any wax into your pet's inner ear. Clean your guinea pig's cage thoroughly at least once a week. More than once if you have more Add them thoroughly and put them in an empty and clean plastic bottle. If you are using baby shampoo, then you should take extra care to avoid ears and eyes of guinea pigs and ensure to rinsed out thoroughly. Pour 8-drops of essential oils and 2-tablespoons sweet almond oil into the shampoo and shake it well Together the two items work very well together.The following discussion will focus on cleaning the ear canals. The following is a discussion on ears. The ear canal is in the shape of an L, which can allow for the accumulation of moist and warm debris, like wax. My guinea pig has crust on the base of his ear and I was wondering if he might.

Check your guinea pig's ears. To keep your animal's ears from becoming infected, you should check them every week and clean them every two weeks. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the part of the ear that you can see Do you have to clean guinea pigs ears? Take, for instance, a long-haired cavy gets wax buildup quicker than its opposite short-haired guinea pig. It is therefore essential if you would clean guinea pig ears the same day you are grooming it such as brushing its fur or trimming its nails Sheltie guinea pigs are wonderful beautiful piggies who are beloved by owners and breeders worldwide. You can spot clean them though. He adores the warmth of the hairdryer and then I clean his ears with baby wipes. He loves to be groomed and clean and finishes the treatment off by licking his paws and washing his cute face A guinea pig can acquire ringworm infection from another guinea pig or from contaminated objects such as bedding. Ringworm infection will usually resolve on its own if you are taking good care of your guinea pig and keeping its cage or tank clean and sanitary. However, ringworm is highly contagious to humans and other animals Cleaning Ears: Examine your guinea pig's ears weekly for wax buildup, bacterial infections, and ear mites. If you notice a foul smell and/or a dirty, reddish-brown crusty matter in the ear, consult your veterinarian for treatment, as this could mean ear mites or an ear infection. If the ears do not look irritated or infected, perform general.

Taking care your guinea pigs in proper ways are the fundamental matter to ensure the living of them. There are several basic maintenance need to perform, the first one of course provide the proper diet of guinea pig: knowing the benefit foods for guinea pig and foods we must avoid to give guinea pig.As you know, guinea pigs are herbivorous animals which craves all the organic foods such as. One Qtip is darker and the other one is lighter. I use a few drops of olive oil in the ear first and massaged it in. The take a Q-tip and remove the oil and with it comes the resin. You do not clean the inner ear canal just the folds and creases in a guinea pigs ear. This handsome dude was here for a nail clip and ear clean this morning

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Spot clean your guinea pig's cage. Guinea pigs are relatively clean, so try to clean their cages out at least twice a week, removing droppings and any uneaten veggies from the day before, cleaning the water bottle, and adding more hay to the cage. It is also useful to have two set days in the week where you have the time to do this If your guinea pig is potty trained, the task of cleaning won't make a hassle out of you because cleaning the litter tray is much easier than the mess all over the cage. (Please read here How to clean Guinea Pig Ears) The cage will be dryer and cleaner; Another benefit of poop training is that your cavy's habitat will be cleaner and much dryer A stressed guinea pig will show signs of aggression and irritability. He will display hostile behavior such as fidgeting, head-tossing, or teeth-baring. On the other hand, a depressed guinea pig will not display much energy. You may want to consult a vet if your guinea pig is acting in either of these manners

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Guinea pigs need to drink a lot of water, so make sure you provide them with fresh and clean drinking sources. Keep your guinea pigs water bottle clean and change the water daily. It is best to use bottles for water purpose as guinea pigs will soil bowls; bottles need to be kept scrupulously clean so invest in a bottle brush Many guinea pigs are victims of inflamed ears and nose because of termite attacks. Spot Cleaning Your Guinea Pigs Cage To Help Keep It Clean. Guinea pigs poop a lot and pee in their cage all day long but doing some spot cleaning is one of the best ways to keep their cage clean Because guinea pigs are quite low to the ground, long hair can become dirty and wet, resulting in increased bacterial growth. Keep cages clean and trim long hair to improve health. Guinea pigs can overheat easily, especially longer haired guinea pigs. If your pets do not live in a comfortable conditioned space in the summer, trimming the hair. You should replace your pig's bedding every week or so. When you replace the bedding, make sure you wipe down your pig's cage, too. Keeping your guinea pig's home clean will help prevent mites and lice. Bedding can sometimes carry mites. To prevent this, freeze the bedding for 24 hours before you use it in your guinea pig's cage

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A typical guinea pig's grooming routine consists of the brushing, nails trimming, bathing, teeth checking, weight monitoring, grease gland cleaning and eyes, ears, nose cleaning. A guinea pig's cage will need a daily clean to get rid of the poops and then a more thorough clean every 3-7 days depending on the type of bedding you use Hydrogen peroxide can help you clean a guinea pig abscess, or a horse abscess. First though, the abscess has to be open. Here are 2 pages I wrote about cat abscesses, and treating cat abscesses with hydrogen peroxide. [page 1] and [page 2] I wrote about cat abscess home treatment first because it's what I have experience with

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You will have to clean your Guinea Pig house at least once a week or better, more often. You will need to clean up the bedding and the mess and replace the bedding with fresh wood shaving, pellets, etc. learn more about how to clean Guinea Pig cage. Guinea Pig Care-In hot weather, consider bathing your piggie You can use cotton balls or gauze to clean the wound (clean it with hydrogen peroxide and gently dab it dry). If kept clean, the wound should heal itself fine. Bites to the ears, eyes and face are a little trickier. my name is claire i currently have 3 guinea pigs that are all males. there is muesli,rusty & sock muesli is the youngest and.

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How to Keep Your Guinea Pigs Smelling Good Two Methods:Maintaining a Clean EnvironmentCleaning Your Guinea Pigs Keeping an indoor pet can be great for companionship and entertainment. However, some caged pets, such as guinea pigs, may produce offensive odors occasionally. Keeping your guinea pigs' environment clean and well-maintained is the best way to cut dow Apr 18, 2017. #5. EverythingGP said: We've also made a step by step video for bathing your guinea pig here. If (a light) scrub with your regular guinea pig shampoo doesn't loosen the grease gland, a drop of fairy liquid usually does the trick (designed to cut through grease). Hope that helps A clean cloth should be dipped in warm water first before wringing it out. Wipe the dirt on its soiled portion of the fur. You do not need to give your guinea pig a full bath if the fur gets clean. Do not use dust treatments, which are advertised for keeping guinea pigs clean. Guinea pigs do not use dust for cleaning themselves Guinea pigs need baths just like you, me, or any pet. After a bath, your guinea pig will have a shinier coat, smell nicer, and will feel clean when you run your hand over their fur. In this case, clean equals healthy. Oh, and we use conditioner as well after the bath-it makes their coat super soft Some affected pigs may require repeated aggressive surgical removal of the abscess and long term antibiotics for up to six months. It is important to make sure your pig stays healthy and eats well during this period. Always suplly plenty of suitable hay and fresh greens. Guinea pigs require a daily dose of vitamin C (50-100mg daily) in order to.

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How To Clean Guinea Pig Ears In 3 Easy Steps - PetCosset. Posted: (6 days ago) Jan 28, 2021 · Since the ear canal of a guinea pig is small in size, smaller cotton buds would do best when cleaning. Second, get a bottle of baby oil. Baby oils are known to be soft, moisturizing, and safe. This would lubricate the buds well and increase the. Apr 4, 2010. #1. Hi we adopted our guinea pig a month or so ago and were told she had mites previously which had cleared up. We took her to the vets a couple of weeks ago and she checked her skin and fur and said she was fine. Anyway when she came out for a cuddle yesterday we noticed one open wound and 2 other scabs A guinea pig with arthritis, tooth problems, bladder problems or obesity can find it difficult to keep clean. If you find your guinea pig isn't keeping himself as clean as usual, make an appointment with the vet for a check up to make sure he hasn't got any health issues Parasites that only successfully live and breed on a guinea pig are: Trixacarus caviae Selnic mites, also known as mange mites. Guinea pig lice. Chirodiscoides Caviae, a relatively harmless fur mite. Two varieties of mite also live on other animals: Psoroptes cuniculi, the rabbit ear mite. Cheyletiella Parasitivorax, an extremely irritating fur. Younger guinea pigs usually require more play time than older guinea pigs. Of course, it is okay if you miss one day because you are busy. However, if your guinea pig goes multiple days without playing with you, they will become at risk for obesity. Your guinea pig might be scared of you for the first couple days as they adjust to their new.

The best way to keep your guinea pig ringworm free is to keep living quarters clean and dry. Try and keep your pigs in a cool spot that does not encourage the growth of fungus. If you are adding a new guinea pig to your family, try and have a good look at where they have been living up till now As a general rule, you should aim to do a full cleanout of the cage every four days or so, paired with a daily spot clean. Although, the size of the enclosure, type of bedding, and how many guinea pigs you have may require more regular cleaning than this. Dirty and unhygienic living environments can cause a host of health issues for guinea pigs

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Guinea pigs are adorable, fun animals that enjoy time inside and outside their cages. To help keep your pet's cage and play areas more hygienic, you may want to potty train her. Like many animals, guinea pigs can be potty trained with.. Norm of water for guinea pig. About 250 ml is enough for one pet. Although, as a rule, there is no certain dose. Each pet eats as much fluid as it needs, depending on age and nutrition. The main thing is that there is not enough. You should put a drinker in the cage, preferably a special ball or rod, which differ in the type of valve

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Dec 26, 2014 - Shop the Gold Standard of Guinea Pig Cages: Cagetopia's 16 colors, easy-to-clean, expandable, simple to multi-level, open or covered, small to jumbo, stands, quality grids, fast shipping, ready-to-assemble, guinea pig-approved, expert guidance available It's important you don't wet your guinea pigs face or ears as this could cause water to get into their ear canal. Carefully cupping water in your hand gently wet the middle to bottom half of your guinea pig. Pop a small drop of shampoo onto your hand and rub it into your guinea pigs top coat , bottom and under belly. This will help you. Check your guinea pig's nose is clean and free from any discharge. If there is discharge from the nose, it can be a sign of bacterial or fungal infection. Ears. Ears should be relatively clean, free from any debris and crust. Parasite infections can grow rapidly in the ears so a regular inspection is essential to prevent this happening

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GUINEA PIGS need to be bathed once every 10 weeks to stop any parasites and to keep them clean. GUINEA PIGS should be protected from extremely loud noises, as their ears are extremely sensitive. GUINEA PIGS are highly territorial and you might find your guinea pig acting strangely if it has been cleaned out. Lifestyle Keeping a guinea pig clean and healthy is a relatively easy job. Asides from a warm, clean hutch and a good diet, guinea pigs will need brushing regularly, a weekly health check, occasional nail trimming, and a bath every month or two. If your guinea pigs are particularly old, have any specific health problems, or have very long hair then expect to need to invest a little more time in your. A guinea pig has practically no odor unless they have an owner that doesn't help them keep clean. Guinea pigs eat a lot, and what goes in one end comes out the other very quickly! When we were using wood chips as bedding, Mom and I cleaned our guinea pig pen every day, and changed it twice a week

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Guinea pigs are cuddly, full of personality, and live on average 7-9 years. Unlike many other pets, such as dogs, cats, or rabbits, guinea pigs typically need minimal grooming and are fairly simple to care for. For these reasons, guinea pigs make terrific pets for families with elementary age or older children, and for individuals who live alone Gorgeous Guineas have a range of aromatherapy products specifically for guinea pig skincare. Their Melts are extremely effective on fungal conditions and gentle on the guinea pig's skin. Inside the ears should be clean. Ears can be washed with the lather from Gorgeous Guineas shampoo at their monthly bath. Dirty ears will attract mites Even with a quality guinea pig-specific diet, care should be taken to ensure a cavy gets enough Vitamin C. You can include some produce that is high in C to their daily food, such as a quarter of an orange or some kale, broccoli, dandelion greens or strawberries. Guinea pigs feed continuously and it is best to keep clean, dry food available at. The Secret Sauce to a Clean Guinea Pig Cage! Can guinea pigs be potty trained? Well, not typically or easily, but we can work with their natural instincts to provide an optimal setting to make it much easier for you to manage. Guinea pigs are prey animals and when eating and pottying, most prefer to do so in safety Plenty of vitamin C helps to boost the immune system, which may help to prevent this. Give your guinea pigs lots of dark green leafy vegetables like cabbage and broccoli and keep their home clean. Ringworm can also pass to people so wash your hands thoroughly after handling guinea pigs. In people it looks like a round, red area of skin and.

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He will probably try to escape when you touch it or you might feel a big lump. He may have white flakes and be quite itchy. If this sounds like your piggy I would see a vet but in the mean time give hisome bum a salt water bath - that's what my vet advised me. Every day. A vet will scrape it clean if it's really bad Guinea pig toenails grow constantly. Some grow straighter while others have a tendency to curl and lie to one side. Short sharp pointy nails are characteristic of young guinea pigs. As a guinea pig ages, their nails tend to become thicker, more brittle, and grow more irregularly Step 4 - Clean the Cage. Mites can live up to 2 weeks without a host. If your clean guinea pig goes back into a mite-infested cage, the problem will only persist. Remove everything from the cage. Any cloth items should be washed and dried in the hottest temperatures possible. Add 1/2 cup of Borax to the wash water along with the soap Always make sure that the water stays away from your guinea pig's eyes and ears by washing its body slowly and gently. A good tip when it comes to bathing your pet is to bathe it somewhere that is close to the ground just like in case if it were to hop out of the bowl from stress, it will not hurt itself from any possible impact If your guinea pig's nails are light in color or translucent, the quick is the visible pink part. If your guinea pig's nails are dark colored, observe how the tip is shaped. You'll trim only the narrow tip of the nail. Start by clipping as little as as possible. Position your guinea pig Parasites that only successfully live and breed on a guinea pig are: Trixacarus caviae Selnic mites, also known as mange mites. Guinea pig lice. Chirodiscoides Caviae, a relatively harmless fur mite. Two varieties of mite also live on other animals: Psoroptes cuniculi, the rabbit ear mite. Cheyletiella Parasitivorax, an extremely irritating fur.